Late Monday in Bird World

4 April 2022

Today’s news continues to just get better!!!!!!! If you missed it, the American Eagle Foundation who surely have had their own troubles to deal with concerning the recent fire at Pigeon Forge have sent the following message: “We will reach out to the Army Corps of engineers to see if we gain access to the site.  We have some experience in situations such as these and have successfully navigated retrieval, rehabilitation and replacement before.  I will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.  Thank you for your dedication and support to our native wildlife!” Ervie shows up at the Port Lincoln barge – he always brings sunshine – and hangs around for a long time. He was off around 06:29 but I believe you can still rewind the camera to ‘see’ him. His missing talon is growing in slowly. Many are asking for Cal Falcons to give the ‘new guy’ to Annie a proper name. If you have any suggestions, go over to the Cal Falcons FB page and give them a soft nudge to consider it. (They aren’t asking for names but a lot of people are suggesting they give Annie’s new guy a name). The ‘new guy’ has defended the nest, done lots of incubation, and brought in prey for Annie today. He feels like a keeper. And I am not even over the shock of Grinnell’s death. Things move quickly in Bird World sometimes.

‘B’ sent me the link to a YouTube interview with Mary Melac. She gives us good insight to what happened to Grinnell and what is happening currently on the nest. Thank you ‘B’! Mary is the individual that had to retrieve Grinnell’s body.

The news that had me jumping up and down is that the Black Stork patriarch, Karl II, from the nest in the Karula National Forest in Estonia has crossed the border and is now safe in Belarus on his way home having spent far too much time in the Ukraine.

Yesterday I posted a link to the White tail Eagle nest in Poland. Thanks to one of our sleuth readers, ‘CA’ found out this information: There are two eggs. They were laid on March 3 – start of incubation:
March 30 – 2 eggs are visible:

Thank you CA! This is such a gorgeous nest area.

At the Dale Hollow nest of River and Obey, Middle Little self-fed after Big ate and ate and then Little Middl got a chance for a feeding at 12:40 ish.

At 14:27 Little Middle continues to have a nice crop. In an earlier blog I posted two videos of Little Middle self-feeding. In the second one, he figured out to hold down the fish and pull up with his head. He managed to do very well. If you missed those videos, I am reposting them. In terms of survival skills, he might not be big and he might not intimidate Big but he can certainly figure out how to eat – even finding flakes of fish and old pieces on the nest. What a little guy!

Little Middle is full and happy right now.

The four eaglets at the PA Farm nest continue to do well. Keeping those parents busy! The little one just needs to keep its head up – the others are so big. I believe it is 9 days younger than the eldest.

There are so many more nests and so much news but for now, I want to relish the joy that maybe, just maybe Little Middle will be helped. Birds bring us so much joy. It is up to us to protect them from harm when it is something humans have caused. I am so grateful to all of you for your help and concern for the wildlife. See you soon.

A Big special thank you to all those people working so hard today to get help to remove the monofilament line at Dale Hollow. I want to particularly thank Ron Magill at the Miami Zoo for getting the ball rolling fast this morning! A huge shout out will go out to Ron and all the others including the AEF staff —— great people who are eagle experts.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or pages where I took my screen captures: PA Game Commission for PA Farms Eagles, Dale Hollow Eagle Cam, Cal Falcons, Looduskalender, and Bielinki On line Bory Tucholskie.

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