Wednesday Morning in Bird World

06 April 2022

First up. The children at the school in Big Bear Valley have picked the name for Jackie and Shadow’s eaglet. It is ‘Spirit’. What a wonderful name! Fly high, Spirit!

NBC – along with dozens of other news outlets – carried the announcement.

I get really excited about the return of the Ospreys to the UK in the spring. There are many reasons for this but the one that stands out the most is the respect and care given to these beautiful fish hawks. Did you know that most of the lochs are off limits to human use of any kind during the breeding season from 1 April to September? Most of the wildlife centres operate on grants and donations and have specially constructed ‘hides’ and monitors inside the buildings so that you can see the birds. Rutland Water and Poole Harbour have ‘osprey tours’ that are guided.

There are currently Ospreys on the following nests:

  • Rutland Water Manton Bay: Blue 33 (11) and Maya currently have 1 egg waiting for the 2nd any moment.
  • Loch of the Lowes: LM12 Laddie and Blue NC0. No eggs yet. Some intruders about.
  • Llyn Clywedog: Dylan is now home with Blue 5F Seren as of yesterday. This couple raised the largest male Osprey chick ever recorded last year.
  • Dyfi: Idris returned to Telyn yesterday and has been Sky Dancing and mating.
  • Foulshaw Moss: White YW and Blue 35 both at home working on the nest.
  • Poole Harbour: CJ7 the resident female hoping for a mate circled the town and has just arrived not long ago.

We are anxiously waiting for the arrival of Mrs G’s partner, Aran. Aran was injured and left late in September for migration. I do hope he returns safe and sound! If not, Mrs G will have lots of suitors. Perhaps even Monty’s boys have some idea that they would like to have nests close to one another. Tegid Z1 (love the guy) and Aeron (Z2) over at Pont Cresor. In the US, all eyes are on the nest in the parking lot in Missoula, Montana that belongs to Iris, the oldest Osprey in the world. Return safe, Iris!

PA Farms has announced that the 4th eaglet on the nest died during the night probably from hypothermia. What a little scraper he was climbing over those big siblings to get to the food.

The weather has been miserable in many areas this spring. It can cause all manner of diseases – the wet damp nests – for our birds.

Some are wondering if Big at the Dale Hollow nest is actually suffering from something. I had an inbox full of notes saying Big is being ‘too nice’ to Little Middle for the second day. Indeed, Little Middle got up first with no intimidation and ate the fish that came in at 08:54. Nice fish andd still scraps on the nest. Little Middle is ready for breakfast!

Little Middle gets up and does a stretch. It is so nice to see chubby legs. Big does nothing.

Little Middle is truly enjoying that fish!

Big moves up later.

Big is ahead in getting its feathers despite the fact that the two hatched on the same day. Notice the tail feathers on Big. You can see them growing out of the calamus or the quill. Some people refer to these structures as the shaft. They are properly known as ‘blood’ feathers. In baby birds, these are the feathers that are growing (not molting). They have a large supply of blood inside them while they grow. This will regress when the eaglet is older. Some of you might well remember that the Captiva Eaglets last year, Hope and Peace, were fed a rat that had died because of rodenticide. In the case of the last eaglet to die, it actually broke off a blood feather and bled to death because the rodenticide caused the blood not to coagulate.

Feathers are so important. They keep our feathered friends warm and dry while giving them the ability to fly as well as their distinct plumage of each species.

Little Middle proudly shows off his large crop at 09:26.

It is official. The chick has hatched at Two Harbours this morning for Chase an Cholyn! Congratulations!

Want to catch the action at Two Harbours? Here is the link:

If you move around the Channel Islands to check on Thunder and Akecheta at the West End, get out your worry beads! Those eaglets are right up to the edge with curiousity!

At the Utica Peregrine Falcon nest, Astrid just laid her 4th egg! Congratulations!

Yesterday I posted the name of the FB group for this streaming cam incorrectly. The correct name if you are searching is Falcon Watch Utica. Thanks ‘MR’ for catching that and letting me know!

Interested in Peregrine Falcons? Cal Falcons just posted information for a free virtual falcon conference for 19 May. There is always something wonderful to learn. Here is that posting:

The ‘New Guy’ continues to impress me. More bedtime snacks for Annie last night who, in her excitement, pulled the NG off the ledge with the prey!!!!!

I have news from many readers of nests opening up. I hope to report on those tomorrow including that of the Imperial Eagles. Karl II, the Black Stork from Estonia, has transmitted from Belarus. Hopefully he will be in his nest in the Karula National Forest in Estonia shortly!

Thank you for joining me this morning. There are so many nests! Will continue to monitor to see if Iris gets home to Missoula Montana and if Aran appears at Glaslyn. Take care all. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or their FB pages where I took my screen captures: Friends of Big Bear Valley,, and Dale Hollow Eagle Cam.


  1. Linda kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for all these updates. It is indeed strange for Big to act this way. Hope all is well there at Dale Hollow!🙏
    I’m so looking forward to all the new nest to watch and also wishing good luck to all who are migrating in and all the little ones growing up like weeds! Prayers and waiting for Iris and Karl and all others to get home safely 🙏
    Thanks for the photos ,info,
    And links to watch Mary Ann! The peregrine falcons are a fav to
    Watch indeed! Thank you!
    Have a great day and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!

    1. Linda, I am always hoping that nests quiet down. Most do and if that is what is happening here, fantastic!!!!!! All we want are two healthy fledges from the Dale Hollow nest. You are always welcome and it is always my pleasure to report – especially when it is good news and there is lots of that.

  2. B says:

    Yes, congratulations to Chase and Cholyn at Two Harbors! I had looked in first thing this morning but had not been able to see if they had the hatch. And love the name Spirit for Jackie and Shadow’s spunky eaglet at Big Bear — “Spirit” fits perfectly!

    1. Relief at the hatch at Two Harbours!!!!! Such a cutie and so glad it is out of that shell and healthy. It is a good name. The children did well!!!! Now I wonder if we can get a name for the ‘new guy”???

  3. Carol Steele says:

    I have enjoyed your blog and notice your love for the ospreys and thought you would enjoy the video of CROW checking a nest in Ft Myers, Fl and the fostering of a new chick to this nest. CROW seem to make the impossible possible for our wildlife and I have such deep respect for them and their partners. I just recently found you after watching the Dale Hollow nest and so admire your efforts on that nests behalf. I have followed Harriet and M15 nest for several years and occasionally surf and watch other nests. Your blog is so informative and interesting and will continue to follow your writings. Hope this link works if not you can find it on the CROW site….you will enjoy it!

    1. Dear Carol, Thank you. I am so glad that you have enjoyed the blog! It is nice to be amongst people who love and care for the welfare of our wildlife. Thank you for the video. I will go and have a look. CROW is incredible. Their dedication and swift response when anything is in need of help is admirable! It is so nice to have you with us. I am wishing the Dale Hollow eaglets a great fledge!

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