The name of the ‘New Guy’ is…

Well, my old eyes always saw Aiden ——– but the name is Alden with an ‘L’. As one reader who loved Grinnell so much said, the saviour of Grinnell’s final offspring did deserve his own name.

Mary Ann Steggles

18 April 2022

Thousands of individuals sent in names suggestions for Annie’s new mate at The Campanile on the grounds of University of California – Berkeley. The single stipulation was that the name honour someone related to the Campus. While the initial list was narrowed down to nine names, by Friday there were three clear favourites: Lou, Archie, and Alden.

9478 votes were cast! Isn’t that incredible? And the winning name is Alden.

Cal Falcons posted the announcement just a short time ago.

Alden, you have been kind and loving to Annie. You came at the moment she needed help the most – almost as if you were sent by Grinnell. You won our hearts the minute you incubated the two eggs of Grinnell and we are so happy there is one of yours in there, too. May you and Annie stay safe, live long, and raise lots of…

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