Louis brings Iris a fish!

18 April 2022

I thought I was seeing things! I did confuse an ‘I’ for an ‘L’ earlier today in the name of Annie’s new mate – calling him Aiden instead of Alden.

I know the female on the nest in the parking lot at Hellgate Canyon in Missoula, Montana is Iris. No other female would dare to try and take a lease out on Iris’s nest!!!!!!!!!

Who is the male flying in from the left bearing a gift of fish? The time is 15:52:40.

Is it Louis????!!!!!!!!

Tears began pouring down my cheeks. When was the last time that a gift of fish was delivered to this magnificent bird, the oldest Osprey in the world? Can you remember?

My memories are of Louis stealing Iris’s great catches!

Iris quickly grabs the gift – in case Louis changes his mind – and flies off to the pole while Louis stays on the nest alerting.

This was such a special moment that I did a video clip, too.

Iris is back on her nest and that beautiful orange and yellow train that we see so often is going through Missoula.

Iris has spent some time on the nest late today. I wonder if eggs are coming?

At 17:50 Louis returns. It looks like he is on high alert.

Ah, was the fish a gift in case Iris was tempted by another male suitor in the area? I wonder. Louis didn’t bring any fish when Congo was around last season. It is all very interesting.

Whatever the reason, it is nice for Iris that she had a dinner delivery and didn’t have to go out in the wind and catch it herself for a change. This is such jarring news that it warranted its very own blog.

Thank you so much for joining me! Take care everyone.

Thank you to the Montana Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures and video clip.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann this is Marvelous! This time Louis brought Iris a fish! I’m so
    Happy for her. This will help her to remember good things. She has been lonely it seemed. Thanks for whatever reason Louis for delivering this fish to Iris! ❤️ I hope she has an egg! 🙏
    Thank you Mary Ann for this update!
    See you again soon!

    1. You are so welcome…I thought I was seeing things!!!!!! Wonder if he wants to challenge himself to take care of two nests? If it worked and both nests were fed and taken care of that would be fantastic.

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