Hatch for Big Red and Arthur!

21 April 2022

Cornell Bird Lab called the first hatch of the 2022 season for 21:46. The little chick was facing the opposite direction and a wing could be seen. Congratulations (finally) to Big Red and Arthur, the Cornell Lab and everyone who rejoices in even the mention of the name Big Red!

Big Red must be hungry and exhausted too. Mum and Baby should sleep well tonight unless L2 keeps them awake. That little one should be with us tomorrow.


Thanks to the Cornell Lab for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Congratulations to them! So happy it hatched before I fell asleep tonight!
    Thanks Mary Ann for this update!

    1. You are so welcome! Little one took 38 hours. Must be exhausted. Big Red is still trying to get rid of that shell! We can all sleep easy. All the birds are fine. Take care, Linda!

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