Update from Two Harbours

25 April 2022

The only eaglet of Chase and Cholyn attached itself to Cholyn’s feet/talons this afternoon when she flew off the nest on the cliff at Two Harbours. The chick fell off and is on a ledge down about 10 feet from the nest. That happened around 14:35 nest time.

The eaglet has eaten and is fine but probably frightened. It needs to hang on and stay on that ledge til Dr Sharpe can get there tomorrow!

This is the latest update from Dr Sharpe:

“I’m trying to find someone to help me in the morning (my crew has left the island already). It is too late to try to go out today.”

This is the link to the Two Harbours camera:

Thank you to Explore.org for their streaming cam and to all the staff and Dr Sharpe and the chat mods who have had to keep all of us calm this afternoon. Send your most positive wishes to this wee one. I am so grateful that cliff ledge caught it!

Take care all.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    I just read this Mary Ann thanks to you!
    Prayers for the little one to stay safe and. It fall off till Dr Sharpe can get there tomorrow morning 🙏💕God Bless you little one !
    Thanks Mary Ann

    1. I sure hope that it can hold on til morning and so grateful for Dr Sharpe and his team!

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