Did Little Bit 17 get some fish?

29 May 2022

The ND-LEEF nest is hard to watch – partly because of the camera and you cannot see what is going on in the other part of the nest. I went to check on Little Bit 17 as he had not had food for almost 72 hours — or he had had a little food off camera.

At 19:59:29 Mum is feeding the two big chicks. But, Little Bit 17 is facing the other direction on the other side of the nest. He is self-feeding. You can see it from his body’s movements – the tail going up and down as he takes a bite. There is no indication of the size of the prey/fish that he is eating but he is eating something!

Then the adult moves over to where Little Bit is on the other side of the nest. It appears that they have moved to make sure that Little Bit gets some of the food before it is all gone. The bottle neck there allows Mum to go in close to Little Bit while keeping the other two big siblings back. I see the larger sibling getting some bites. Do I dare believe that Little Bit 17 is once again snatching and grabbing like the ‘King of Snatch and Grab’ that he is? Did we get a little miracle?

Two last things before I close. Holly Parsons posted an update on the Peregrine Falcon who had the eggs in the Flower Pot at the Field Museum in Chicago hoping I would see it – and I did. Thanks Holly!

And last but never least, Glacier Gardens. I missed it completely. Liberty and Freedom have their first hatch!!!!!!!!!! In their new nest. Wow. It seems like it was only yesterday that they discovered the new nest and now a chick. Congratulations Liberty and Freedom!

Here is that announcement by Sherri van Syckel for Bald Eagles Live FB.

I am going to go out into the garden with a smile on my face. I so hope that Little Bit gets some more food and that 16 leaves him alone. I wanted to get a good look at this head so I am going back to rewind later this evening.

Thank you for stopping in. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams and/or FB pages where I took my screen captures: Holly Parsons posting for the Chicago Peregrine Programme, Sherri Van Syckel for Bald Eagles Live Nest Camera and News, and the ND-LEEF.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! I pray little bit 17 got some food. 🙏❤️
    Congratulations to the glacier gardens eagle pair! I can’t believe it has been long enough for a hatch already either! ❤️❤️🐣
    Have a great evening a d see you soon!

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