West End Eagles have a fledge!

2 June 2022

UPDATE. This blog has been updated to correct the name of the eaglet that hatched from Sky to Ahote.

If you didn’t know about the fledge at the West End Bald Eagle nest of Thunder and Akecheta in the Channel Islands but, you knew the nest and the chicks – which chick would you have voted to fledge first? Most people would say Kana’kini because she has been doing so much hovering.

However, this evening at 17:07:49 the third hatch, Ahote, fledged! It was brilliant. He hovered and out he went!!!!!!!! Surprised everyone.

It was just stunningly beautiful for a first flight.

t Wes

Congratulations to Thunder and Akecheta and to Ahote – your life as a fledgling and a juvenile just began.

Thank you to Explore.org and the Institute for Wildlife Studies for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Mary Ann, thanks for letting us know that Sky fledged! Wow! I scrolled back and watched it – just amazing. Hopefully he had a safe landing nearby – and hopefully he’ll come back to the nest soon, so we can see he’s okay. Always exciting, these fledges! 🦅

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! That is a surprise indeed! Good luck to him and hope he returns soon to eat at their nest! Best of luck to you Sky!❤️🦅

    1. Fingers crossed!!!!!! It was a really nice flight, Linda and a surprise!

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