Little Bit ND17 located!

Updated more accurate information has been obtained.

Mary Ann Steggles

UPDATE: Some information contained in my original blog was not accurate and I want to correct it. Little Bit 17 was located by park staff at the base of the tree. He is standing, eating the catfish, and appears alert. DNR staff have been notified. There is a wildlife rehabber at Elkhart, Indiana that specializes in raptors. They might come out this evening or tomorrow morning. Park Staff are giving Little Bit 17 some room to see what will happen next.

That is the latest accurate information.

27 June 2022

Little Bit 17 fell off the ND-LEEF a short while ago. The nest was too crowded and he went over backwards. There was nothing for him to cling to and he had no where to go. No one knows how hard he fell. It appears he never opened his wings. It would have been a quick frightening fall.

Little Bit…

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