Little Bit ND17 located!

UPDATE: Some information contained in my original blog was not accurate and I want to correct it. Little Bit 17 was located by park staff at the base of the tree. He is standing, eating the catfish, and appears alert. DNR staff have been notified. There is a wildlife rehabber at Elkhart, Indiana that specializes in raptors. They might come out this evening or tomorrow morning. Park Staff are giving Little Bit 17 some room to see what will happen next.

That is the latest accurate information.

27 June 2022

Little Bit 17 fell off the ND-LEEF a short while ago. The nest was too crowded and he went over backwards. There was nothing for him to cling to and he had no where to go. No one knows how hard he fell. It appears he never opened his wings. It would have been a quick frightening fall.

Little Bit 17 has been located. He is on the ground below the 60 ‘ high nest and is eating the catfish that fell off the nest this morning. Thank you to Lindsay Grossman for reporting to the chat.

DNR staff are on location. They have 17 and are assessing him for any injuries. Perhaps, because of the situation with the tree, they will take 17 to a wildlife rehabilitation centre where he will get his flying down and learn how to hunt. Returning him to the deteriorating nest for this just to happen again does not seem reasonable at all. They can’t leave him on the ground so rehab seems the best place. Why not leave him on the ground? Predators. He will get regularly fed and they can watch to make sure he has no internal injuries while treating any that might not be noticeable from just a physical look or check.

Little Bit 17 is breathing and he is alert. He is standing upright. That is good news.

Any further news will be reported either this evening or tomorrow morning – in my next blog. Send positive wishes to Little Bit 17. He has worked so hard to live – let us hope that he gets to spend some time in rehab – eating, learning to fly and hunt!

Photo from 11:00:25 27 June 2022.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    This is so sad Mary Ann. I am in tears.
    Prayers for little 17 that there is no injuries to this baby. He is precious and has been through so much. I’m so glad they are taking him to rehab. He certainly deserves it. 🙏❤️I cant wait to hear from the updates on him Mary Ann.
    Thank you!

    1. Well, no rehab yet. Reports said DNR there but they aren’t. Park staff checked him. A wildlife rehabber ‘might’ come later today or tomorrow they said….I am a little nervous. I hope he flies! Keep those prayers coming.

  2. Tears of relief, Mary Ann. Thank you for this update. Hope they’ll take him to rehab where he’ll at least have a chance for a good life. He’s had it so rough…. crossing fingers for no broken bones or internal injuries. A good sign that he was found eating!

    1. We will see what happens. I am so glad he has been found but the last report indicated that DNR was not there. Park staff had assessed and will check on him in an hour. A wildlife rehab ‘might come’ later today. So..he must appear to be pretty good. We will see if he flies. Maybe he will!

      1. Absolutely. If he goes into rehab I am going to drink the tiniest bottle of champagne I have been keeping for a special occasion. I think it is 2 cup.

  3. B says:

    Thank goodness that ND17 was found quickly and can get the help that he needs. Even if he is completely healthy and uninjured, that nest will not be a safe place for him. In spite of everything, I am glad that ND16 seems to be well.

    1. Yes, it was wonderful. Everyone got out there quickly. The fastest I think I have seen for a long time. I sure hope he has no internal injuries. The first ground reports were not totally accurate. I updated them. But he is standing and breathing and park staff have an eye on him. He should not remain grounded. That is asking for trouble. They say rehab may come tonight or tomorrow morning. So is someone going to keep predators away after dark I ask myself???????? And, yes, 16. It was too crowded on that nest. When I saw the three of them and a parent it seemed that nest would just fall!

  4. Salliane says:

    thank goodness for live cams and concerned people to the rescue. I am sure Little bit will do well in rehab and will be set free to live out its life.
    Happy news of the day!!

    1. He was off this morning to the clinic. They say he is getting the urgent care he needed – so the decision to take him was right. Fingers crossed it was not too late…I hope he is eating several nice quail!!!!!

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