Little Bit 17 is in Care!!!!!!

30 June 2022

The latest information and thank you ‘C’. The tears are flowing with joy.

“Update 6/30/22 Noon: After this morning’s observations being relayed to a local rehabber and their consultation with other eagle rehabbers, it was decided that a welfare check was in the best interest of ND17. This morning at approximately 11:40, Humane Indiana Wildlife located and removed ND17 from ND-LEEF. It will be transported to their facility and undergo a thorough examination by a veterinarian. For updates on ND17 please see Humane Indiana Wildlife Facebook page at:… . Thank you for your concern and patience regarding ND17.”


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for this update. So glad he will be checked and hopefully stay safe to fledging .

    1. It is wonderful news. I am so very grateful that he is in care – he will need flight training. We have wonderful facilities here so I am hopeful they will have something similar. Let us hope that he is not injured.

    2. Tavie says:

      There’s been a brief update on the FB page that he is “stressed” but doing well and “receiving much needed care”! Fuller update tomorrow.

      1. Hi Tavie, That is good news. Little Bit really needed to get into care. Thank you for alerting me. I had seen it but often I do not so please do not ever hesitate to bring me up to date!!!!!! Let us all hope that it was not too late to help our beloved little eaglet.

    3. You are so welcome. It is such a relief that he is in care. Fingers crossed. Clinic will update tomorrow.

    1. It is splendid news…what we have all been waiting for since he fell. So grateful. With Avian Influenza, the Indiana DNR specialist said that many rehabbers are not taking birds. So happy that Valpo came through and looking forward to an update on his condition and future. Fingers crossed for the very best for Little Bit.

    2. You are very welcome. Hopefully we will learn more tomorrow. But for now he is not on the menu for a coyote and I hope he is eating a delicious plate of quail!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Mary Ann for this good news! I hope they discover that he’s not injured at all and that he can be successfully returned to the wild when he’s ready. Crossing fingers for the very best outcome for this little survivor!

    1. Me, too! I just broke down in tears when I heard he had been transported.

  3. Akane says:

    Thanks for the good news!I can’t stop crying!
    Thank you for the update!!!

    1. You are absolutely welcome, Akane. I was the same…I still break out. Poor little 17 sitting in the bushes starving to death. I said to Linda the person giving the park advice did not do a good job. But..grateful that he is in care and is doing well.

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