Latest Update on dear eaglet Victor

13 July 2022

The following announcement was posted by the Ojai Raptor Centre. Our dear Victor is quite the trooper. He had a full body CT Scan – it must be stressful for him but the vets are going to try and find out why he cannot stand.

Please send your positive energy to Victor.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for this update on Victor. I may be wrong but some of us in chat noticed his foot leg problem. It may be sore and not broken. Sprained might cause him to be able to stand up. We humans have these problems. I don’t know about birds. Also someone mentioned the ear/s could cause the off balance too. So nothing shows up so far
    But he seems fine and eating. I never knew he couldn’t stand up but I only saw him loose his balance.
    Prayers and positive energy for Victor.
    May God Bless him and heal that which is unseen quickly. 🙏❤️🦅

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