Update on the care USS4..wow

15 July 2022

There was a presentation and a Q & A with Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh and the lead wildlife rehabber at Tamarack Wildlife Centre. I am very impressed at the life skills treatment that USS4 is getting at Tamarack and this is what I really hope Little Bit ND17 is getting, too!

You can listen to this discussion. The discussion of developing USS4’s life skills that begins at 14:52. Here is the link to this:


I am so very impressed with the knowledge and the treatment that this young male juvenile is getting!

I hope you enjoy this. It is a great discussion and some of this could apply to Victor or other eagles in care too…a good educational presentation on rehabilitation of Bald Eagles.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thank you so much for sharing this! I pray it will be the treatment for ND17 and Victor too!
    This made me feel some better. Thanks for sharing it !
    Have a good afternoon!

    1. I wish they would discover what is ailing Victor so he cannot stand. It is so much easier when the rehabbers know for certain what they are dealing with. Very frustrating when they don’t. Fingers crossed for all those in care! And grateful to have the wildlife rehabbers take them…

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann would they be willing to take him if the other center says they can’t do anything ? I sure hope so! Praying it don’t happen and we can get him transferred there !
    Thanks so much. I just finished watching this!!
    Also isn’t it great to find a place that will do everything to help the old fashioned way!

    1. I am certainly impressed with Tamarack. Because USS4 has to stay til those feathers grow in, he has to be fit as a fiddle to live on his own. He will be over a year old when he is released and should be capable of living a full life. I do not know anything about inter-state transfer of raptors. It is possible that Little Bit 17 will get some prey training where he is. Indeed, I am crossing my fingers that they are going to do that – just haven’t said.

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