Molate falls off SF Bay nest! UPDATE

The time is included. Molate presumed dead. Authorities aware.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    This is so horrible! Mary Ann does anyone know if it was an accident or how it happened? I hope someone gets there soon and checks on poor molate
    Rosie and Richmond were very upset just now
    I’m in tears😢

    1. Hi Linda, I do not know but the term used has been ‘fall’. Everyone knows. They have already posted an In Memoriam on their FB page. It is so sad. I wish that they had gotten the authority to take Molate into care when he did not seem to be well. Brooks had already fledged so she would not be scared off the nest.

    2. Ah, we know now that he fell. But not the root cause of the illness that caused Molate to be unwell. I would think they would want to know for the future and for Brooks now…

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