Only Bob at Chesapeake Conservancy dies

17 July 2022

Thank you ‘L’ for alerting me to the change of status at the nest of Tom and Audrey. The wee chick ate well yesterday and is now gone. The second egg is not viable. It has been a sad year for Tom and Audrey. It has also been a very sad year for osplets. So many have died – some for unknown reasons like Molate and this Little Only Bob – and others to tragic accidents or siblicide. Sadly a day passes without a death.

Soar high Little One.

The chick is being retrieved and the camera has been turned off for now. Hopefully they will find out what happened to this lovely little one who was so cute and appeared so healthy. Condolences go out to everyone including Tom and Audrey and all those who love Ospreys.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    It is very sad and so many have passed away. I hope they find out what happened to this little one and let us know. We also need to know what happened to Molate too.
    We wait and Pray no more has to be added to the list 🙏

  2. Lisa says:

    This just breaks my heart. So much sadness this season. The insight Cams give us is expose the triumphs and unfortunately the tragedy too. I would want to know what happened to molate as well as little bob (we can ring the chicks but not retrieve Molate?). Thank you for keeping us informed….

    1. Hi Lisa, So many little souls…so many of us tearful because of the turn this breeding season has taken. Yes, you are correct. GGA has taken the position that to retrieve Molate’s body to find the cause of the lack of balance and illness is too stressful. — well, it makes me mad. It would take no time for someone to go up the ladder and get the body (wearing gloves, etc). They would be quick, not like banding. Yes, the parents and Brooks would fly off the nest if they were there. The fact that Brooks has already fledged means there is no fear of her flying early. You are correct, it would be good to know what has caused Molate’s state of unwellness and to reach out to Ojai and see if there is any connection at all between Molate’s issues and Victor’s. I am not saying that there is but it is worth investigating. — Last year, Cornell waited til one chick fledged before they went up to remove K2 to go into care. There was another chick on the nest that had not fledged. It went smoothly. They published a video of it. K2 was removed so that she could go into care if she could be helped. Sadly, she couldn’t. But, because I believe in intervention, they should have taken Molate off like K2 after Brooks’ fledge. The wildlife rehabbers could determine if there was treatment for Molate and – of course, they would hope to find out why he was sick. It could be something very concerning. Lisa, it seems that the old 1940s laws need to be updated to take into account the human impact on climate change and wildlife and lead us to be a more caring and concerned community. So frustrated.

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