A quick update on Collins Marsh

25 August 2022

There have been questions about the Collins Marsh nest and I brought them forward in my blog yesterday. I had checked on the Collins Marsh nest this spring several times. There was absolutely no activity and it looked quite forlorn.

‘A’ wrote me this morning that there are big changes on that nest. It appears that an Osprey has been working on it and visiting this beautiful large nest periodically. I cannot positively identify the bird as the female from last year because there are no rings but, it could be. There have been no eggs and it appears that if it is Mum, Dad has not returned. The female will be leaving soon for her migration from Wisconsin.

I was shocked to see this amazing nest. Thank you ‘A’ for bringing this change to my attention so I could do some corrections.

Thank you to the Collins Marsh Nature Centre for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann! This is interesting!
    Are they summer or winter here at this nest? I only watched it for a while the one season I think.
    Thanks, Linda

    1. You will remember them from last year, Linda…think about all the issues we had with getting the wildlife rehabber in to search for Malin. It is Wisconsin so only summer. She has sure made a huge nest – like Iris!!!!!

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