Morning Fish at Port Lincoln

21 September 2022

It is actually the 22nd of September in Port Lincoln, Australia and the morning delivery started off a little ‘cock eyed’. Dad delivered a fish, Mum fed the kids a couple of bites, and then Dad came and took it. He had already eaten the head but it was noticeable that he was hungry. He ate another portion, looked around a bit, and then delivered the rest to Mum and Big and Middle Bob. Those kids were hungry, too – and so was Mum. Let us hope the deliveries get closer together to ensure the continued peace on the nest and there is peace. Mum gives one a bite and then a bite to the next. The bites are not little flakes but, surprisingly, large and the kids gobble them down! Osplet 3 is working on getting out and the cap of the pip was seen to move in the middle of the night. So things are happening.

I hope you enjoy these screen captures. I could not wait to show you. These two are little darlings.

Dad finished his fish and waited on the ropes before flying over to Mum. Why did he hesitate? There was at least one gull flying around hoping to grab the kid’s breakfast and Dad wasn’t going to let that happen!

The gull came and did a clean up after Dad flew off to the nest. With its bright orange legs and beak, I believe this is a Pacific Gull but, every Australian, please correct me if I am wrong!

The gas tanks in the osplets were empty but by the end of the feeding they both registered full.

Thank you so much for joining me on this quick update to what is happening at Port Lincoln with Big and Middle Bob – and Mum and Dad. Take care everyone. See you soon — maybe Little Bob will be here by tomorrow. That would be grand.

Thank you to Port Lincoln Ospreys for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures today.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for sending us these wonderful pics and update on the Port Lincoln nest!
    They are adorables 💕💕I pray the third one can get out of the egg and all will go good for them 🙏
    Have a great night and we look forward to your next newsletter!

    1. You are so very welcome! They are just the sweetest little things. They waited a long time for that fish. As I said to B,, I am concerned that the gulls are bothering dad when he has fish just like that one is doing at Hog Island. We surely do not need them in the mix!

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Oh Mary Ann I do hope it will be another Ervie too! ❤️🙏
        The gulls need to quit being lazy and go get their own fish!
        Take care Mary Ann and hope to hear from you again soon!

      2. Yes! The ones around the river and the lock seem to want to eat junk food provided by visitors rather than fishing but, I have seen them fish. I do hope they leave Dad alone. Gulls had not been something I was concerned about until I saw what they did to Sloop. Gosh they could have taken a whole chunk out of her cheek. Oh, Dyson has arrived in the garden. She is having areall long drink in the bird bath. Right on time! I don’t even need a watch —- and there comes that darn black cat. Oh, I only have to tap now on the window but I have threatened to spray them with water.

      3. Linda Kontol says:

        Oh Mary Ann how I wish that cat would stay away! It probably scared Dyson and all the birds away!
        Fingers crossed for them and especially the little bunny too!

      4. There are 5 cats. I think they come from the same house. Each has a nice collar and they are fed and fat. I am so mad at people who let their cats out because they do not want to clean a litter box or they believe they ‘need’ to be outside. Why not train them to a leash? But clearly don’t let them outside to kill all the birds and other animals including the bunnies. And I am a cat lover…they should be glad.

      5. Linda Kontol says:

        I agree Mary Ann. We have had it happen here too and they get the squirrels too sometimes. That is a lot to have 5 nearby. So glad you were there to see it today ! I know you will Take care of the bunnies and birds but sometimes we just can’t help it. I admire you Mary Ann ! Here they come when we are not home and climb over the fences.
        Have a good evening and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. B says:

    Hoping that osplet #3 at Port Lincoln is as clever, tough, and resilient as Ervie! S/he will need it, given the head start Big and Middle have gotten.

    1. I surely think so, too, B. Ervie was brilliant. It will be hard to fill those shoes. I was surprised at how hungry the parents were this morning and I wonder if the gulls have been bothering dad with the fish. We have seen this at Hog Island recently. They can be menacing.

    2. 1check out the 12:26 feeding. These two are dynamos – they were practically climbing out of the nest to get to that fish! I couldn’t believe how strong they are – and how they got themselves turned around and facing the fish without any of the bobbling about. I feel for this third hatch. It will have to be an Ervie.

      1. Alison says:

        That was a wonderful feeding! Those osplets sure can swallow massive mouthfuls of food, and the size difference between them is negligible. Meanwhile, Little Bob’s head and neck is out of the shell so it won’t be long now.

      2. Alison, I couldn’t believe it. Those two came out of those shells ripping and roaring for fish with such strong necks. Even Little Bob can hold that head up good. We want strong fledglings. Fingers crossed but things look good. Dear Little Tapps was just too small to deal with Solly. This Little Bob will have some growing pains but I bet he or she will do fine.

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