Indigo Fledges!

10 November 2022

It is a lovely morning in Orange and beautiful Indigo decided it was a perfect day to fly and she did at 0700:33. Rubus did not even notice! He was too busy eating. Of course.

Congratulations to Diamond and Xavier, Cilla Kinross and the entire family that love these Peregrine Falcons. Well done Indigo! Beautiful flight. You stay safe out there. Live long, eat lots of parrots and Starlings, soar high.

Indigo was watching the parents and bobbing her head up and down, focusing.

She’s off. It was a gorgeous take off.

Indigo flew down to the trees and was immediately followed by an adult.

Squint. There is a grey dot in the centre of the trees. That is Indigo.

In a few minutes, Xavier shows up with prey for Rubus. They do not want Rubus leaving the scrape. Rubus is not nearly ready to fly despite being four days younger.

Oh, how grand! Thanks ‘B’ for sending me that note! So grateful.

Thank you to everyone at Charles Sturt Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross. Let us all join them in thanking them for their streaming cam and the joy that watching this amazing falcon hatch and grow into a fledgling has given us.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the update on Indigo! Hopefully little Rubus will
    Be ok and not fall out. He is so adorable and not nearly ready. I hope Indigo does well and stays around to be photographed!
    Love the pictures. Thanks Mary Ann!

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