Loch Arkaig’s LW5 in France

25 November 2022

Sometimes I get the most delightful mail and today word has arrived from France of the sighting of Loch Arkaig’s LW5. Thank you to Bernard Lagadec who took the time to write and send the coordinates! Much appreciated by all of us as this nest is so dear to our hearts.

Bernard observed Willow LW5 from 11 to 14 09 2022. Here is the place and the coordinates: COMBRIT FINISTERE IN FRANCE
L 47°053’17” L 4°09″29″

Combrit (Breton: Kombrid) is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.

Just look at what might have been Willow’s route. If she did do as Google Maps suggests, she flew almost straight south taking a turn and going over to the southwest coast of England and then crossed the water. Of course, I am only speculating on this route. What we know is that Willow left Loch Arkaig on 28 August and as you can see, she wasted no time getting to France. Just a fortnight. Oh, I wonder where she is now.

I had goosebumps running up and down my arms. LW5 is Willow with LW6 being Sarafina who stayed on the nest forever so long.

Here are the pair after being ringed with Mum Dorcha and Dad Louis.

Here is Willow fledging.

Here is Willow taking her second flight.

And this is the last sighting of Willow at Loch Arkaig before she begins her migration.

Thank you so much Bernard Lagadec for sending this wonderful news to all of us. It is so appreciated.

Thank you also to the Friends of Loch Arkaig, the Woodland Trust, and the People’s Post Code Lottery for the streaming cam videos of the events in Willow’s life.


  1. Geemeff says:

    This is fabulous news – just what we nest cam watchers hope for! Thank you Mary Ann and Bernard.

    1. Dear Geemeff, Oh, thank you for your comment and isn’t it just the best news. I was practically jumping up and down. I wonder where this beautiful girl is now? Hopefully we will get some more news. More and more people are looking for these lovely banded birds. I will thank Bernard. It was so kind of him to write and let me know.

      1. Geemeff says:

        Morning Mary Ann, on a different Osprey matter could you email me or DM me on Twitter urgently please. Many thanks.

  2. B says:

    Oh, so wonderful to hear that Willow was sighted! I agree — the Loch Arkaig “chicks” of Louis and Dorcha (and of Louis with his previous mate Aila) do indeed have a special place in the heart. Thank you for sharing the news !

    1. Dear B, I knew if anyone were excited it would be you. Isn’t that news just grand. Willow did a fabulous job on that flight. I do wonder if she has decided to stay in France or Spain? There was a sighting of Paith from the Dyfi nest in an area not far from where Willow was seen. These wonderful fledglings. So strong. Looking forward to more news and so very, very grateful to Bernard. It just made my day.

  3. Jill Locascio says:

    Some worrisome news out of Orange – Rubus has not been able to swallow. Part of a chain in chat from Cilla…

    Cilla Kinross
    ​I am organising a bit of search tomorrow morning at 0830 with some locals. Not sure how many will turn up, but hopefully 3 or 4 so we can split up and have a good look for Rubus. The bird wil go to a raptor carer and if and when he’s returned, I’ll decide at that stage. Probably I would put him close to Indigo so easy for parents to find.

    1. Oh, Jill, I had just written about Rubus not being seen. This is very worrisome – the not swallowing. I am glad that they will search for him and I hope that he is not on the ground overnight for predators. I did see a mention of a bird fluttering between buildings. Thank you so much for contacting me. It is really appreciated – I just wish the news were good!

      1. Jill Locascio says:

        Below is additional chat comments. I wish we were simply allowed to immediately intervene and help when help is truly needed. Paying it forward should apply to all living things. Hoping for the best.

        WTX Railfan
        ​Hindsight is 20/20, but probably should’ve intervened when Rubus was found on the ground by the road. It was quite obvious he wasn’t developmentally ready for the world outside the box.

        Cilla Kinross
        ​@WTX Railfan I actually agree, but unfortunately, I had other priorities that day.

      2. Dear Jill, I hoped, exactly like you, that when Rubus was found grounded near the road by Shines that he would have been taken into care. I fear that the little lad is no longer with us. But I want to keep hope for a little longer. He had a good feed on the 23rd. Thank you for keeping me informed.

      3. I am really hoping that the news from Orange and the caretaker means our Rubus is fine!

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