As the nest turns…Gabby and V3 are better than a soap opera!

13 December 2022

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that you are all well. There are many things going on in Bird World. ‘J’ writes that she cannot go to sleep and it is the middle of the night in Europe because of the excitement at the NEFlorida nest. Gabby is becoming more accepting of V3, Annie is being kind to her ‘new guy’, Zoe is flying more, and there is news of UK Ospreys in Africa. Indeed, Jean-marie Dupart counted over 300 the other day in Senegal! That is incredible. Of course, skipping over to California, has Annie found her ‘new guy’?

It remains mild on the Canadian Prairies. There is a Colorado Low moving our way that is really going to dump snow along the border between us and the US. I wonder how far north it will go? There is nothing more beautiful than freshly fallen white snow. And nothing uglier than City trucks dumping sand on the snow making it slick to drive on and just gross to look at. I love the ‘winter wonderland’ images!


The Flight of the Osprey has officially ending and thanks so much to Geemeff who has been recording this wonderful documentary with Sasha Dench and Friends following the migration of the UK Osprey. Here is the link to the ending:

Geemeff informs me that there will be a film released on the expedition next year. How wonderful! The earth’s wildlife and, in particular, its birds deserve all of the attention they can get. So grateful for this programme.

Staying with UK migration and Ospreys, the mate of Dylan, Seren 5F, from the Llyn Clywedog nest, has made it to her favourite spot in The Gambia again this year. Dylan and Seren raised three fantastic fledglings this year. Always just warms your heart to find out they are at their winter hones, safe and sound.

Now if anyone hears anything about Blue 464 from Foulshaw Moss (2020), I would be over the moon. 464 is the third hatch, the one no one thought would survive but, White YW and Blue 35 were determined that their tiny, tiny third hatch – so much younger than the other two huge siblings – would survive. And she did! To become quite dominant on the nest. Any news would bring tears of joy.

@ Cumbria Wildlife Trust

The Guardian brings us news for the contender for King of Birds – and it is not a blood dripping taloned raptor but a tiny little bird. Gosh, isn’t he cute? Here is that story!

So many are watching the nests of Gabby and Ron to see what will happen next. Gabby seemed to be so attached to V2, that very handsome eagle with that smoky head. He has not been back to the nest now for over two days. Samson and V2. Two losses. She is playing it cautiously with V3 who is trying really hard to become her mate. Perhaps she is now waiting to see if either Samson or V2 will show up at the nest. We can only sit and watch as Gabby’s new life unfolds before us. We all wish her the very best. She is a fantastic Mum.

V3 brought a fish to the nest. Presumably it was for Gabby. He ate part of it and must have left some. When Gabby returned, she flew to the nest and ate the fish she found. Slow and steady, V3. She needs to know you are going to stick around and be able to feed her and her babies.

Later, Gabby and V3 were working on the nest together. Progress!

Most days Ron is seen working on the nest. I have, however, not caught him there today as of the time I am writing. I will check on him this evening to see if he has returned. Let us all send positive wishes to Rita and Ron – Rita so that she will recover and live a life as full as it can be without pain – and Ron that he finds a lovely new mate. Too bad they cannot send some of the eagles up near Jacksonville south!

Oh, I have so been hoping to catch a glimpse of either Thunder or Akecheta after the fly by teasers at the West End Bald Eagle cam in the Channel Islands. Well, today they did not disappoint. The two sitting together at 0907.

The snows at Big Bear are the reason that Jackie and Shadow lay their eggs later than the other nests. Look at how beautiful it is. Stunning. I do love pure white beautiful snow.

A young eagle chased Shadow to the nest! It wanted the fish!!!!!!!

Of course, the other nest to watch is that of Annie at Cal Falcons where Alden has been missing, as well. Alden stole our hearts last year…no ifs, ands or buts about it. How could we love someone after Grinnell? Well, we did. Alden saved the day and one of our readers wants to believe that Alden has put on his magic cape and is off saving some other falcon widow and her chicks. I agree! What a wonderful way to think of Alden flying around helping out wherever he can. Thanks, ‘B’ for shifting my mind in a different direction.

We will wait to see if Annie falls head over heals for the ‘new guy’. Last year we called Alen the ‘New Guy’ for so long. I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to the nests settling down. Last year was tough.


Thanks to Elain and her great videos we can easily get a great summary of the day at Orange featuring Diamond the prey snatcher, Xavier the Door Dash Daddy, and Indigo, the screaming fledgling!

Oh, when that wind down in Port Lincoln gets up, it gives Zoe such a gorgeous crest. She has been flying in and off the nest and is really anxious to have Dad deliver a fist at the time of this writing.

Why do I love Ospreys so much? Well take a look at this stunningly beautiful video with great close ups of the male Osprey fishing and that would be part of the answer. They are such exceptional birds. It is difficult to imagine the exertion it takes to bring fish after fish back to Mum and the kids at the nest.

Checking in at Superbeaks. That nest in Central Florida has such a beautiful landscape with water and what appears to be good fishing nearby. The nest is so deep that it is difficult to see those little bobbleheads. This is a nest that I am completely unfamiliar with so, anything could happen. That said the fish being brought in are good size and the parents – Pepe and Muhlady – are both totally attentive to their eaglets, Pear and Taco.

I am not allowed to post the link to the streaming cam for some reason so please go to YouTube and key in SuperBeaks Eagle Cam Live and you will find them. Fingers crossed for a great year for this family.

Thanks so much for being with me today. Take care everyone. See you soon!!!!!!!

Thank you to the following for their posts, their notes, their videos, and their streaming cams which make up my screen captures: Geemeff, John Williams, Foulshaw Moss and the Cumbrian Trust, The Guardian, NEFL-AEF, WRDC, IWS and, FOBBV, Cal Falcons, Elain and the Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, Port Lincoln Ospreys, Mark Smith, and Superbeaks.


  1. Janet says:

    My thanks to “B” also: I love the idea of Super-Alden flying about to save damsels in distress!

  2. Mail! says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for all the updates and pics and links. All the updates are so interesting!  I like that for Alden too!  He is such aWonderful falcon. Like an Angel dad to the rescue. ❤️. I pray he is safe wherever he is helping out. Take care and stay warm Mary Ann !  We look forward to seeing you here again real soon !Linda

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    1. You are so very welcome. Yes, I loved that idea about Alden. He was an amazing character and saved the day for Annie and Grinnell!
      Thank you. We have lots of snow coming!

  3. Another gorgeous posting. Loved the story about the goldcrests at The Guardian. Thank you Mary Ann!

    1. Oh, that makes me so happy, Elyse. Aren’t those just the loveliest little birds! Thank you so much for writing in to let me know.

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