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1 March 2022

Good Morning Everyone,

It is so lovely to have you with us today! It is the middle of the week, the first day of March. Spring is officially three weeks away. Can’t you hear the geese honking and the songbirds in the trees? or see the birds pulling worms from the soft, moist earth?

It is -18 Tuesday morning on the Canadian Prairies. The sun is shining, and the wind is brisk at 11 kph, but only at times. It promises to be a beautiful bright day.

Looking out at the duck pond, now frozen, there is a promise of their return in a few months. Oh, what joy!

Remember. Being outside in nature, even for a few minutes, benefits our physical and mental health. Even sitting by the pond, anticipating the arrival of geese and ducks, was uplifting, no matter how cold it was this morning. So, please, think about it, put your coat on and get moving if possible.

Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the waterfowl. It is a mark that spring is arriving.

As I get ready to turn the computer off, it looks like Cholyn might be ready to lay the first egg of the 2023 breeding season on the nest she shares with Chase, Two Harbours, in the Channel Islands. It is 18:32 nest time in California.

And, yes, it is egg one for Chase and Cholyn! Chase gets a look. Remember that Cholyn is Thunder’s Mum. (Thunder and Akecheta on West End)

There is sad news from San Jose, California. You might recall that Annie and Grinnell’s 2019 hatch Sequoia had bonded with mate Shasta at the San Jose City Hall scrape. We were so looking forward to their eggs this spring. Shasta has sadly died from injuries obtained from a collision. Here is the last image of Shasta and the announcement.

At the scrape of Sequoia’s Mum, Annie, at The Campanile, Mum was scraping in the box and waiting to see if Lou would deliver prey there today.

The falcon cams are starting to come on line around the world. So much is happening!

There is always a worry when a big strong eaglet comes bursting out of the shell, and that was what happened when the first hatch entered the world at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Well, swift on the heels of that hatch came number two! This should be a good year. Dad has loaded up the nest with fish. I have already counted at least four large ones ready to be eaten! Of course, they are gifts for Mum, too!

0719 Tuesday morning. Hatch 1 is ready for breakfish.

1418. The second hatch is completely out of the shell.

1421. Dad has come to see the new baby.

Mum wants to keep the pair warm and dry.

Wednesday breakfast and both little cuddles are up and eating at Duke Farms.

M15 brought in a squirrel and what appeared to be two fish to the SW Florida eagle nest. Both ate. How much is difficult to tell but 22 was doing his best snatch and grab!

At 17:53:09, a small fish was dropped into the nest by M15. E22 got it and it was gone in a flash! Way to go 22.

Vija catches 22 doing a great snatch and grab!

M15 and R23-3 had spa time at the pond.

And, last night, the GHO knocked the female off the branch of the nest tree.

Audacity laid a 7th egg at the Santa Cruz Sauces Canyon Bald Eagle nest. Fingers crossed! Will seven be their lucky number? At the same time, one cannot help but wonder what toll all this egg-laying is taking on Audacity’s body.

US Steel has its first egg. It was laid at 18:56:50. The reveal was at 1901. Congratulations, Claire and Irvin.

Pittsburgh-Hayes has two eggs. The first was laid on 17 February, with the second arriving on the 20th.

Meanwhile, The Majestics Mom and new mate, Beau, at the Denton Home Bald Eagle nest in Iowa are incubating three eggs.

Take a look at Connick. Did anyone say female lately?

Another gorgeous only eaglet, KNF-E1-03 (Trey) looks like it could also be a female.

At the Decorah Eagle nest in Iowa, a squirrel climbed into the nest cup and started chewing on the egg while the eagles were away. Observers believe the egg is in tact, thankfully.

Gabby and V3 might not have eggs this year, but they are spending a lot of time together at the nest tree. Yesterday there was a beautiful visitor to the nest. Have a look! What a gorgeous bird; believed to be about 2.5 years old from the plumage development. They do some looking for scraps and even lay down in the nest. You can hear Gabby warning them from the Wallenda branch.

It is still winter in Minnesota – just like here, 8 hours north. Nancy and Beau have two eggs that they are incubating. It is their first year as a couple. Fingers crossed.

In Poland, the White-tailed eagles are in the nest in the Tucholskie Forest today. She is the female named Tule, and the male is Borek.

One week ago the couple came and began working on nestorations.

The information below one of the streaming videos of the nest gives the following information. Additional information at another site indicates that the couple are now incubating at least one egg.

The nest of white-tailed eagles in the Woziwoda Forest District has grown significantly this year and is over 2 meters high and in diameter. It is a powerful structure that weighs probably around 200-300 kg. Eagles appear at the nest in the afternoons and from mid-January on warmer days they report new material. Both male Borek and female Tula participate in all works. Soon the first egg will appear in the nest, because both birds are kneading the nest hole with their bodies and legs. The female is still not sleeping in the nest yet. Only when she stays in it for the first time for the night will it be a sign that she has laid an egg.

Changing incubation duties.

For those watching the Osprey nests in Florida, the first pip should come at Moorings Park in Naples this Thursday or Friday, the 2nd or 3rd of March. The next nest would be the Venice Golf and Country Club on the 13th and 14th of March. Achieva would follow them.

The adults at Moorings Park are Sally and Harry.

Florence and Angus are still bonding at the Captiva Osprey nest. Still no eggs. Hopeful.

Two more Kakapo named!

In England, there have been calls to end or substantially shorten the Woodcock hunting season. Congratulations Nature England for getting a review! That is positive news.

Flaco is still doing well in New York City’s Central Park. There are no current plans to try and bait the little Eurasian Owl and return it to its cage at the Zoo. If you want to keep up with what is happening with Flaco, the best news comes out of You can also find the latest news there on Pale Male and other raptors and concerns who live in the Central Park area.

I wanted to check on Karl II and his family – to see if any had started moving north. No. Waba is still in Sudan, and to the surprise of everyone, Udu has spent the winter in Turkey. No signal transmissions from Bonus, Karl II, or Kaia yet.

There is so much beginning to happen. You can feel the energy; before long, eaglets will be fledging at SW Florida, Ospreys hatching, and more eggs in the Channel Islands. We will not be able to keep up! Oh, and the UK Ospreys will return to their spring and summer breeding grounds.

Thank you so very much for being with me today. Please take care. See you soon!

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  1. Sabine says:

    So sad for Sequoia and Shasta! I was really looking forward to their first season together. Devastating! Thank you for all the other news, Mary Ann!

    1. Oh, Sabine, it is such a tragedy! These beautiful raptors that live in urban areas (like I do) have such challenges. If people would only be required to slow down!!!!! And put up all manner of things to keep the birds from flying into glass windows or tunnels!

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Hello and thank you Mary Ann for these great photos and updates on so many !
    It’s very sad to learn of Shasta. She had come so far 😞. Congratulations on all the hatches and the eaglets are growing so fast everywhere. Glad to know Boza and Udu are doing good and to know Udu has made it through the earthquakes too 🙏. Hopefully we will know something in the nest future from Karl 11 and his mate as they could be on their way back to their nest. Good luck to them on the journey.
    Congratulations to Cholyn and Chase on their first egg!❤️🦅❤️🦅🐣
    The guest at Gabbys nest was so beautiful! Might be one of her and Samsons or R and J’s ? I wish it would stay around so we could watch it with all its beauty. Really unique!
    Thank you for the info on the white tailed eagles of Poland. And also the one at Moorings Park update.
    Good luck to Captiva ospreys with this season. The little Kakapos are so cute.💕💕. I’m so glad they are helping the Woodcocks. They are amazing and unique. I love to watch their dance!❤️
    It’s so good to hear that Falcon is doing good. ❤️
    Thank you Mary Ann for the links and maps as well. Have a good afternoon and evening. We look forward to the next newsletter updates.

    1. Linda Kontol says:

      Mary Ann it should be Falcon. I don’t know why my iPhone misspells words and sometime I don’t catch it.

    2. Oh, Linda, thank you for your comment and no need to worry. This autocorrect stuff changes things for us that we don’t even know! So much is happening. You could be busy with so many nests in a couple of weeks that you won’t have time to do anything else! Lovely to hear from you – as it always is.

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