4 Fish Day at SW Florida, a Pip for Ron and Rose…Monday in Bird World

13 March 2022

Good Morning Everyone!

The weather was slightly nicer in Toronto on Sunday. It was a good day to attend the Wildlife Photography exhibition at the ROM. They also have a T-Rex exhibition, and the place was packed with old and young alike who love dinosaurs. It is March break in Ontario, and what a delight to see so many young parents engaged in teaching their children about the natural world.

The Moorings Park Osplets are nine days old today, and they love to beak and wrestle. Not during feeding but often when Sally isn’t brooding them. They are so evenly matched – having hatched only 16 hours apart -that nothing should come of this. Always interesting is that it starts as the Reptilian phase approaches.

Oh, just look. They get those beaks together and twist and turn!

What a difference a few hours makes. Just look at the osplets. They are changing their plumage so quickly. It is very hot at the nest and Sally and Harry are both keeping their babies shaded and hydrated through lots of fish.

The dark thermal down is coming in. They are getting long and ‘lanky’. You will not recognise them late Tuesday. Little reptiles. Oily heads. Copper-red feathers at the back of the head and nape.

M15 delivered a fish and another small prey item to the Es on Sunday. This is excellent; the eaglets had nothing to eat on Saturday. It is believed that the recent female has been the cause of the disruption.

E21 got the fish. There was a piece of the tail left and 22 ate it and it appears that 22 also got the second smaller prey item.

M15 was above the nest and flew off at 15:59.

Meanwhile, 22 found something on the nest and mantled and then 21 gets curious.

M15 is on a roll. A third fish came on the nest to add to the first and a piece of unidentified prey. Yeah, Dad! The time is 15:56. E22 got it!

M15 a fourth, and the female took it. Then our amazing Dad went fishing again and got another – making four fish for the Es today. That time M15 was chased by a sub-adult that circled the nest. Dad works hard to get food to those babies. We have to remember that. He also has to eat to be strong enough to provide for them. So, everyone ate today. 21 the first fish, 22 got the second, and 22 got the third, and 21 got the fourth and final fish of the day. Hopefully, he shared some. Oh, they are eagles. Right. They don’t always share! 22 doesn’t always. LOL.

This is a post that shows a good image of that new female at SW Florida.

This is a great video for all lovers of E22. He stole that fish. Thanks, ‘A’ for sending me this link! Go 22. We love you!

There are no issues at the Duke Farms eagle nest. The two eaglets are eating well and growing. The oldest is called Strawberry and the younger is Kiwi.

You can see the pin feathers coming in and that soft white down coming off. Don’t they always grow up too fast?

Everyone has delighted in seeing Big Red and Arthur’s 2022 fourth hatch, L4, on the Cornell campus without any interference from the parents. It seems as the time for Big Red to lay her eggs for the 2023 season, the couple have decided to show L4 where she can live on the territory! This is very interesting behaviour and is expected. They have allowed their juvenile to stay so long. It has been wonderful seeing L4 develop into a fully capable raptor.

There has been no transmissions from Zoe. We know that Ervie has been fishing around the wharf at Port Lincoln. Today, Dad showed up at the barge!

Lots of pip watches this week. Keeping an eye on the WRDC nest of Ron and Rose. Ron has been on the nest during the day. Rose left early in the morning, which appears to be a pattern for her. Would this behaviour change once we have eaglets in the nest?

Ron on the eggs at 07:39.

He flew off calling Rose after 1600. We all hope she is alright.

Ron is back! And he is calling and here comes Rose! All is well. This is a very peculiar incubation rotation but, this is Rose’s first eggs. Ron is being hugely supportive.

Oh, ‘H’ just sent a note and there could be a pip for Ron and Rose! We wait.

‘H’ reports that there is some progress in the pip and movement can be seen. Rose is still on the nest!!!!!!!! Yippeee.

Are you careful to not mention things if you are afraid something might happen? And so it is with Sauces’s Canyon’s egg. Holding my breath for Jak and Audacity! Egg 7 is holding.

The eagle nest at Centreport, New York, is a rotating door like the SW Florida nest. On Sunday, a sub-adult visited the nest area, and Mum and D3 (yes, you read that number correctly) ushered it away. You might recall that it was D4 and D5 that engaged one another in the ‘death spiral’. Both survived, but D3 is now back at the nest with Mum. No eggs that I am aware of, and well, we wait to see who is there next week!

Jack is waiting for Harriet at the Dahlgren Osprey nest. Yes, two old toys and one new one! And so, it begins.

At Loch Arkaig, home to Louis and Dorcha, there is rain. Last year, Louis and Dorcha arrived home on the 11th of April.

We are watching for Laddie, LM12, at the Loch of the Lowes, who returned on the 12th of March last year. His mate Blue NC0 arrived on the 23rd of March. Looks pretty idyllic.

So many but it will be thrilling to see Blue 33 and Maya back on their nest at Rutland Water.

Thank you so much for being with me today. It is all beginning to happen – eagles and ospreys, falcons and hawks. Our heads will be spinning soon!

I want to thank the following for their notes, posts, tweets, videos, and streaming cams that help make up my blog today: ‘A’, ‘H’, Moorings Park Ospreys, SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Carol Marshburn and the SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Terry Carman and Bald Eagle Live Nest and News, Lady Hawk and SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Duke Farms, @CornellHawks, Port Lincoln Osprey, WRDC, Gracie Shepherd and Raptors of the World, IWS and Explore.org, Centrepoint Eagle Cam, Bridgette Schwurack and the Dahlgren Osprey Cam, Friends of Loch Arkaig and the Woodland Trust, Loch of the Lowes and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and the LRWT.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for all the updates on our ospreys and eagles! It is good to have a good report on them all. Just hope Zoe shows soon. Good to see Dad.
    Have a great time in Toronto and we hope you will have some good photos to show us when you get back. Have a good Monday!

  2. InstructorRita says:

    It amazes me how avid watchers and experts determine the difference among all the eagles, Gabby’s visitors, M15’s visitors… In my mind I was wishing that one of SWFL visitors was Harriet, coming back after having healed. Thanks for your wonderful reporting; always love reading your posts. ❤️

    1. Oh, thank you, Rita. It is my pleasure! Yes, there are incredible people out there…I can only tell a couple of them apart! Hope all is going well!

  3. Mario says:

    Hello Mary Ann, thanks for the summary of what’s been happening at these nests. Do you notice how when an eagle disappears one soon shows up with battles wounds in its claws. It is survival of the fittest, even more so as the bald eagle population continues to grow. It isn’t unreasonable to assume that R23-3 got into a fight with this eagle, hopefully she will recover. Although It’s likely that R23-3 was responsible for Harriet’s demise, she was starting to grow on me. She had an interesting look about her, it was unique.

    1. Hi Mario, You are so very welcome. It is always my pleasure. Yes, I wondered about R23-3. And like you, she was ‘growing’ on me, too. She seemed to ‘get’ that she needed to leave the eaglets alone and let M15 do his thing. When she fed 21 that time, it was precious. M15 sure has managed with a lot on his plate! Amazing.

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