Valentine and Nugget back in the nest, Annie has 4 eggs, Peanut dies…Sunday in Bird World

12 March 2022

Good Morning Everyone!

Thank you for all your good wishes. I am having a delightful time. It is fun to be in a different city. Toronto is a beautiful place to visit. For someone from a small Canadian city, to be able to walk through neighbourhoods that are entirely Greek, Korean/Japanese, or Italian is fantastic. The little privately owned shops and cafes with no big box store in sight make for a lot of nice window shopping. I love beautiful fountain pen inks and cannot find them where I live. I have ordered them from a small shop near the University of Toronto for years. What a pleasure it was to visit the store! Bottles of the most amazing colours of ink, all made in Kyoto. The young lady who helped with my ink purchase made that visit more special, telling me of a nearby Japanese coffee shop with custard cream dorayaki. They are not precisely like North American pancakes but similar, filled with custard cream, strawberry cream (Lewis’s favourite), or red bean paste. Delicious. Blocks of Japanese restaurants – not just sushi – . Decades ago, fewer Japanese restaurants in Winnipeg served more than sushi and ramen. Those gave way to sushi shops and now to a few Japanese fast food-type restaurants. How extraordinary to sit down and have a full meal of seasonal plates! LOL. I did not get to the park with the ducks!!!!!!!!!! That will come either tomorrow or Monday. The snow is heavy and very damp, and is difficult to walk. Still, there were over 16 kilometres of walking. It was marvellous.

A mural of an owl staring dow at Bloor Street West.

That heavy snow is also in Ithaca, New York, the home of Big Red and Arthur. They visited the nest on Saturday afternoon.

Ferris Akel had his regular Saturday tour, and it was a magical landscape at Sapsucker Lake near Ithaca. That Cardinal on the snowy branch is gorgeous.

When I got back to my room, there was a great joy. Annie had laid her fourth egg. Is Lou going to be able to get four big red-speckled eggs under his little body? He will surely be busy if all four of those eggs hatch!!!! Remember Melbourne. Gosh, golly.

There was other good news. After its fludge, Valentine has made it back to the nest. Now we wait for Nugget to get itself up there! It sure helped having a hungry eaglet and a fish on the nest!

Oh, tears. ‘B’ just wrote. At 17:17:43 Nugget is back in the nest. Whew! All is well. Nugget flew on to the nest like a pro and mantled that prey! Valentine looked and knew he was coming!

Look at Valentine – a look of sheer surprise as Nugget hones in on that fish dinner! Nugget, you earned it. So happy to see you both back on the nest.

You may remember the Bald Eagle family that adopted the Red-tail Hawk, Mahlala. Remember Mahlala had to work herself back up to that big old nest, too. Nugget, you can do this!

The intruders are causing issues for M15 and delivering prey to the Es. By 1200 noon on Saturday, they had no deliveries, nothing. Poor M15. He has had to be a security guard and mum and dad lately. What happened to R23-3? She had kept these other female eagles away?

Glad to see that M15 got some food. He has to be strong to protect the Es and to take care of them. We are getting close to fledge for these two. On the 2nd of February did we believe we would see this miracle?

That new female is a big gal!

Besides the intruders preventing M15 from feeding the eaglets today (so far I have not seen any prey drops but I could easily have missed one today), other sad news is coming from the Corona Owl cam. ‘A’ writes that little Peanut, the fourth hatch, died at 25 days. 11 March at around 10:00. Cause unknown.

Warning: Deceased owlet in image 2 down. As is a practice amongst some raptors, the deceased was considered prey, not a living eaglet, and fed to the others.

‘A’ wonders if this nest is not problematic for smaller owlets due to its shape. It reminds me of some deep egg cups in eagle’s nests that have caused the tiny ones to be trampled and unable to get up high to eat.

The two osplets at the Moorings Osprey platform in Naples Florida are growing…notice they are starting to take on that ‘long and lean’ look to their necks as they approach the Reptilian Phase.

The Duke Farms eaglets are fine, too.

Pip watch at the Dulles-Greenway Nest of Martin and Rosa right now – as I keyboard these words in!

Ervie has been fishing!!!!!!!! Would love to see some recent photos but, isn’t it such a relief that his tracker is working?

The last of the 55 Kakapos that hatched in 2022 has been named.

And last, trying to track down information on an Osprey seen in Barbados on 09 March. Blue Darvic Ring on left leg KW0. Do you recognise this number? USFWS? Passing through? or local?

Thank you so much for being with me on the day that Nugget flew back to the nest. So much joy! Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their questions, notes, postings, videos, and streaming cams that help make up my blog today: ‘MSJ’, ‘H’, ‘A’, ‘B’, Cornell RTH, Ferris Akel Live Stream, Heidi Mc and Cal Falcons, KNF-E3, Rhonda A and KNF-E3, SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Corona California Owls, Moorings Park Ospreys, Duke Farms, Dulles-Greenway, Port Lincoln Ospreys, and Kakapo Recovery.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh Mary Ann I’m so glad your enjoying your trip to Toronto! Thanks for the info from there and the photos!
    The Kapakos are so cute. So glad they are coming back. I read today there are only 248 of them known now. I hope they can identify the Osprey in the photo seen in Barbaros. It’s so good to hear the tracker is still working for Ervie and thanks for the map showing he’s fishing on a large area. Hoping for pictures❤️
    Good luck to Martin and Rose on their egg hatching soon! The little Dukes are 2’little butterballs 💕💕 the Mooring osplets are really growing and changing indeed! So sad about little Peanut at the Corona owl nest. I don’t like the deep bowls. It may have caused it’s reason for passing but I guess we won’t know. 😢
    Good luck to the other three owlets
    Congratulations to Annie and her mate on their 4th egg! So glad Valentine and nugget are back in the nest! Thanks for the photos of Big Red and Authur and of the beautiful red Cardinal and crane!
    Enjoyed the pics, info, and videos !
    We look forward to hearing from you again soon Mary Ann! Hope you have a great Sunday evening !

    1. Oh, thank you so much for your comment, Linda. I want you to know that they are always appreciated. Let’s hope that all our bird families have a wonderful Monday! M15 has already lost a squirrel to the female but got a fish delivered to the babies shortly after. What a great day…Yes, 248 Kakapo, which is up 40 over last year! That is wonderful. They are slowly increasing and the NZ govt is so good to care for them. Have a great week.

  2. SK Hideaways says:

    Mary Ann, you make this California dweller want to visit Toronto. It sounds like you’re having a fabulous time. I’m with Lewis on the dorayaki love!

    Having spent most of my attention on peregrines, I was unaware that owls consumed their deceased owlets. Nature has a way of coming full circle if we allow it to do so. Still, very sad that Peanut didn’t make it.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday in the big city and thank you for taking the time to keep us updated!

    1. Oh, you are so welcome! And thank you for your best wishes. I do enjoy your videos! It has been a little wetter and cooler here than I anticipated but what fun to be in a bigger place with so diverse culture! It was shocking to many that Owlvira fed the other eaglets their sibling but, not a living raptor anymore, just prey. Had really hoped the little one would make it. They have such a difficult life. Not sure if it was hypothermia (like eaglet 4 at PA Farms last year) or what…we will never know. But, yes, many owls do consume any dead object in the nest!

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