Another egg for Captiva, Trey fledges…Saturday in Bird World

25 March 2022

Good Morning Everyone,

The snow from our winter is melting. Ducks and geese are returning to the Canadian Prairies – not in huge numbers – but, the spring migration is upon us!

The first Canada Goose has been sighted in the City and this evening (Friday), one flew over the wetlands of Oak Hammock Marsh, my other haunt to see waterfowl. The Mallards are coming in, more than 200 of them now and the odd songbird. Everyone is excited to welcome our feathered friends ‘home’ until late September or October.

I spent the day in the forest at the nature centre. It was warm, there was some wind but not amidst the trees. On my way to the feeding station, I glanced to my left and there were seven deer.

They watched me closely as I sat down on a log across the trail. Later I learned that there are several fawns with this group but, I did not see them. They were well hidden.

The song of the Chickadee is a familiar and delightful sound in our parks all year. Years ago there was only a single Chickadee visitor to my garden, then there was a couple (obviously together), and now there is at least eight or nine that live in the Blue Spruce tree in the front garden. I have no idea how many reside in the forest but, definitely more than a dozen.

This White-Breasted Nuthatch has now read the manual. He was decidedly not facing downward!!!!!!!!

This little Red Squirrel was at the feeding station. There are lots of them. They are adorable and they are not afraid of humans. They will not leave their seeds for anything or anyone!

Penny Bowles left a lasting legacy not only for the birds but for all the people who walk the trails of the forest when she left a trust to provide food for the songbirds.

Blue 5F Seren is now home at Lyn Clywedog!!!!!!! Come on Dylan!

While we are waiting for the first egg of the season at Ithaca’s Red-tail Hawk nest of Big Red and Arthur, Angel, the Leucistic RTH and her mate, Rom, have theirs!

Some of you might have known that Gabby had been away from the NEFL-AEF nest near Jacksonville for a few days. Gabby returned from her spa date today! V3 flew in behind his gal, and Gabby quickly dismissed the intruder hanging around the nest! Way to go, Gabby.

It was a rough day for Dad at the SW Florida nest of M15 and the Es. The intruder that stole the turtle breakfast followed M15 later, and the pair engaged in a talon-to-talon battle. M15 appears to be alright, but this is what we have been afraid of all along. Send this nest your best wishes. Dad needs to get his babies fledged and then train them to hunt while they perfect their flying. He does not need the harm an intruder could do to him – or them. He went to the pond to get a drink and found some prey scraps in the pasture for the kids. What a guy. What he has had to go through this season! Meanwhile, 21 almost pushed 22 off the nest today. Get the worry beads out.

Vija caught the collision on video for us.

Despite having the breakfast turtle stolen by the intruder (M15 picked up as much as he could from the ground for the Es), having a talon battle with the same eagle, M15 did deliver no less than four prey items to the Es on Friday.

M15 locking talons with the intruder. Listen to the Es who are frantic! Thanks, Deb Stecyk.

Sally and Harry are handling Victor and Abby well. They are beautiful osplets. Just look at how their plumage has changed. Remember when they were a taupe with a dark stripe down their backs? Now, look. Sometimes the birds change before our eyes, and we don’t remember what they were like three weeks ago.

Harry is very good to stay on the nest and provide security while Sally feeds Abby and Victor.

At a late feeding, 1922, both osplets were up to Sally. Abby was insisting on eating first. Abby had a huge crop. It is unclear how much Victor had. In fact, throughout the day, Abby has been particularly aggressive so it is difficult to determine just how much fish Victor has had overall.

There appeared to be an intruder about that distracted Sally. All were tucked in shortly after.

Abby is finished and Victor is eating.

It looks like Abby has swallowed a small softball.

There is a huge fish left on the nest this morning. Are there intruders? Victor has had some food but Abby continues to be miserable. Let us hope that Victor gets several big feeds today!

Angus and Florence have two eggs and the third is expected today, Saturday the 25th. Then we should see Florence begin hard incubation.

As aggravated as I have been with Rose at the WRDC nest, I also find her and Ron delightful, and it is lovely to see the male taking such a huge part in raising the eaglets. I find myself going back to when we worried about lonely Ron after Rita had been injured and taken into care. We so wanted him to find a good mate. He had no idea Rita wasn’t returning and he continued to work gallantly on that nest. These two little eaglets are a real blessing for him.

It was a very soggy day at Dulles-Greenway.

The three eaglets of Martin and Rosa looked cold and miserable.

At the nest of Big Bear Eagles Jackie and Shadow, it looked like the beginning of a perfect day as the sun rose over the lake.

Jackie and Shadow were on and off the nest bringing in soft materials. I am afraid to get hopeful.

They began with this small bunch and look at the next image to see where they were late in the day. Is this a hint that they need a nest now? And cannot wait for the snow to melt? Did I say I want to get my hopes up?

Shadow even gets to deliver more sticks!

B16 at the Berry College nest is really getting those wings working! Not fledge time yet but, gosh, this is a strong eaglet.

Let’s have a look what is happening at the nest of Liberty and Guardian at Redding, California. We are ready for pip/hatch watch. Gary gives us a thorough look at what is happening on this nest along with some historical background.

At the nest of Anna and Louise, KNF-E1 03, Trey, has branched. Thanks, ‘H’. Look close to the left on the lower branch. There she is!

This is a bit of a short report today. There are lots of pip, and hatch watches – NCTC Smitty and Belly, MN-DNR, FORE are only a few. One thing I would like to alert you to is a new FB group that Heidi has organised for the Mispillion Harbour Ospreys. She has videos, and history, and will be travelling down for the opening at DuPont Nature Centre. There could be a new couple in the nest this year. Please go and check it out and support one of our keen readers as she works hard to bring attention to a Delaware Osprey platform!

Having established that a Scottish Osprey could be blown off course and wind up in Barbados, I will be turning my attention to Blue 707 Glen from Tweed Valley Ospreys who was last heard from on the 5th of September off the coast of Ireland. Glen could have gotten into the same robust system as Blue KW0. More to come tomorrow or Monday. We will need an army of sleuths for this one! More arrivals at other UK nests. Will put them all in tomorrow. Looks like Kielder has two arrivals now.

Thanks so much for being with me today. Take care. Have a fantastic start to your weekend. See you soon.

Thank you to the following whose notes, postings, videos, and streaming cams helped make up my blog information today: ‘H’, John Williams and the Clywedog Osprey Group, Gracie Shepherd and Raptors of the World, NEFL-AEF, SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Vijay and SW Florida Eagle cam, Deb Stecyk and SW Florida Eagle Cam, Moorings Park Ospreys, Window to Wildlife, WRDC, Dulles-Greenway, Berry College Eagles, FOBBV, Gary and FORE, KNF-E1, and Mispillion Harbour Ospreys FB.

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