Big Red lays first egg of the 2023 season!

30 March 2022

Big Red was certainly not giving away any secrets. She was on the nest on the Fernow Light Stand all day today. She would get up and floof. Was there an egg? We could not see. But now we can!

Arthur, the wait is over! How many eggs will there be? 3? 4 like last year? I am hoping for 3.

Congratulations and thanks Cornell Bird Lab for the streaming cam where I took my screen captures!

15:04 the reveal.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for this update with us! So exciting! Congratulations to Big Red and Authur on their first egg!❤️❤️🐣
    Maybe another one will arrive soon too !
    Have a good Thursday afternoon Mary Ann! See you soon again on here!

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