DH18 is in surgery right now!

27 April 2023

Please send your most positive wishes to DH18 whose legs were entangled in monofilament line for an extensive period of time – long enough to cause severe damage to both of its legs.

Thank you ‘H’ for making sure I saw this immediately! Thank you AEF for all your care for DH18.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for this update! Hopefully all will be ok. AEF will know what to do after it is released from the clinic.
    Have a good afternoon and hope your eyes are better.

  2. Thank you Mary Ann, for continuing updates! I hope attention will now turn to the problem of fishing line being tossed aside carelessly around lakes and rivers entangling the lives of all birds and wildlife. Hopefully the coverage (news stories and your blog!) of this particular nest crisis will raise awareness on the dangers of littering and polluting the earth with any kind of garbage that can endanger wildlife. I wonder if fishing and hunting magazines couldn’t join in on educating their readers about this…? It’s all so agonizing! Makes our hearts heavy.

    1. Hi Betty, I am right there with you. Humans leave their garbage out and about, most of it dangerous to wildlife. Just toss it in the water – no one will see. Every community should have two annual clean-ups of the shorelines at every pond, lake, and river in their area. We have to do better!

    1. Hi Debbie. Thank you for writing in and for your concern for DH18. I have heard that he is in ‘guarded’ condition and that we should know in 2-3 days whether or not he will pull through. Send all the positive energy you have to him!

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