Latest update on DH18

1 May 2023

Hello Everyone,

Please send your best wishes to DH18. He has an infection and is being treated for that in addition to his injuries. He needs all the positive energy you can muster!


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for the latest update Mary Ann! So sorry to hear that DH18 has an infection but I was surprised it was found before now due to how long it’s legs were entangled on that line. I’m so glad they are starting the cultures and will post daily on its condition. Prayers and positive thought for DH18. So glad the antibiotics were given to this eaglet. Hoping for a fast recovery from the infection and then the healing completely. Love you DH18! 🙏❤️🦅

    1. It is a very serious infection but DH18 is getting the best care he an possibly get with the AEF. So fingers crossed that he wins the fight!

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