Pip for Big Red and Arthur

5 May 2023

I do not know if Cornell has called it but, there is definitely a pip for Big Red and Arthur this morning. The pair have been on and off the nest taking great care when moving around those three precious eggs. Then Big Red brought in some greenery which is one of the telling signs that something is up!

You can see the egg tooth pecking through the shell in the middle egg.

Big Red can always depend on Arthur. This is a great nest to watch.

Here is the link to the camera on the Cornell Campus!

Thanks Cornell for your streaming cam where I took my screen captures this morning!


  1. Alison says:

    And of course it HAD to be the middle egg hatching first? Why? Because look at the speckling. The middle egg has by far the most colour and was therefore the first egg laid. The egg with virtually no speckling on it will be last to hatch.

    1. It was such a gorgeous egg but what an amazing little eyas – with a big strong neck wanting food after only hatching 2 hours prior. Love this nest!

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