Middle Osplet at AchievaCredit Union platform is in good hands!

7 June 2023

I could not wait to tell you the good news. Yesterday, ‘RM’ sent me the phone number and contact information for Birds in Helping Hands, the local wildlife rehab in the area of the Achieva nest. ‘LK’ got on the phones, I got on the text and messages and well…today, Middle was rescued.

So very happy. This osplet will now be fed well and get healthy. It will not be returned to the nest.

Thank you to everyone at Birds in Helping Hands! Tears.

Middle in the carrier on the way to a second chance at life.


    1. Oh, it was a good day today, Bill! The key seems to be getting the right phone number! The right number, willing and dedicated people on the ground like Dr Sharpe….so relieved for Middle who deserved to be cared for…I hope he is enjoying huge bowl fulls of fish!!!!!!!!! That Big was just like Zoe…a fish eating machine.

  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Amazing rescue and help for this beautiful Osprey! chick ! Thanks Mary Ann for this post on 2 from Acheiva nest! Birds In Helping Hands Rescue is wonderful! Thank you for your help and I’m so glad I was able to help with getting help for this Osprey chick too!

    1. Dear Linda, It often takes an Army of helpers and I am so grateful to you and to everyone who helped get Middle the care that he needed – and deserved. I am so grateful to Birds in Helping Hands. They just sent me a note saying that Penny said Middle will be just fine! We cannot hope for better than that!

  2. Simone says:

    I’m very happy, that this beautiful osprey is rescued! It’s wonderful, that there are still people, who don’t say: ” Let nature takes its course” and “Only the fittest survive”… Sorry, but these two letters are the worst for me to hear or read…

    Thank you so much!

    1. Me, too…Simone. Many believe that cooperation not competition is the solution – and I am included in that group and so grateful to those generous and caring people who volunteer their time to go and rescue sick and injured birds like Middle. It was such a joy to see him in the carrier. Now let us hope that the dehydration did not take a toll and that he gets a second chance.

  3. Akane says:

    Thank you for the rescued photos and information!!
    I am really glad. I am very, very happy.

    1. Yes…what a relief to see him in that carrier!!!!!!!!! I just wish it could have happened earlier but better late than never. Poor thing down on the ground, so weak.

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