Rescue at Finnish Osprey Nest #3

25 June 2023

My faith in humanity just rose.

The Finnish Osprey Foundation sent a team out to Nest #3. The female has been missing and presumed dead for several days. The male continued his duty of bringing fish to the nest – fish stacked up so high but osplets too young to self feed.

The osplets and many of the fish were removed Sunday. The camera was shut down at 10:48. The youngest had died. The two older will go for care and we hope that they survive. They are young and it is difficult circumstances.

Thank you Finnish Osprey Foundation!


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for this update! Thanks to the Finnish Osprey Foundation. Prayers both survive. 🙏 sad the youngest didn’t. 😢

    1. I am so grateful that they answered the call to help the osplets…so many fish on that nest, Linda…Hoping the two of the three make it.

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