January 5 is National Bird Day!

Today is National Bird Day. Did you know? And, if not, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Why is there a day to celebrate birds? National Bird Day seeks to raise awareness about birds. It is that simple. It began fourteen years ago in the United States and spread. So today,Continue reading “January 5 is National Bird Day!”

If you delete a word, what happens?

A friend of mine, a fellow lover of birds, books, and words, suggested a couple of new blogs and a book, The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The credentials of both are exemplary. Macfarlane is a fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He has written other books including The Lost Spells, Underland, Landmarks,Continue reading “If you delete a word, what happens?”

The Need to Touch

If you ask anyone that works with clay what it is that attracted them to the medium, the vast majority will begin to tell you how the raw material feels: moist, soft, cold, malleable, squishy. And if they close their eyes, they will tell you that clay smells of the earth after a soft springContinue reading “The Need to Touch”

Wishing Everyone the Happiest New Year

The featured image is by Japanese printmaker, Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915) (courtesy of the British Museum and WikiCommons). His image captures the tradition of fireworks over the Ryogoku in Tokyo made famous by Utagawa Hiroshige in his One Hundred Views of Edo of 1858, seen below. The Ryogoku Bridge was one of the most famous bridgesContinue reading “Wishing Everyone the Happiest New Year”

New Year’s Resolutions, Sustainability, and the Birds

There was an article, “It’s Not That Hard to Buy Nothing” in the New York Times today about Elizabeth Chai who, at the end of 2019, before the pandemic, made a resolution “she would not buy anything in 2020, with the exception of food, coffee, toiletries (if she ran out of something essential) and theContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions, Sustainability, and the Birds”

The hampers all began with Tricki Woo…

It all began with Tricki Woo and the pandemic this year. Do you know who Tricki Woo is? Have you watched All Creatures Great and Small? James Herriott was a vet in a rural area of North Yorkshire from the late 1930s through the 1950s. Those books formed the basis of the television series thatContinue reading “The hampers all began with Tricki Woo…”

White Bellied Sea Eaglet 26

Has anyone’s life not been changed by something happening in 2020? Have you had to work at home? did you have a friend or a family member get Sars-COVID 19 and die? Did your business have to close? Did you wonder how you would pay your rent or mortgage? Did you long just to visitContinue reading “White Bellied Sea Eaglet 26”

Protecting birds by simple changes in our lives can make a huge difference.

For the past week I have been posting information on how we can all join in and make our environment friendlier to birds. The tips and the ongoing discussion with my chatters on the Cornell RTH FB page have been enriching. Those posts were a way of remembering J1, the eldest chick of Big RedContinue reading “Protecting birds by simple changes in our lives can make a huge difference.”

Wayne Ngan 1937-2020

I first met Wayne Ngan in 1987 when I was the Director of the then ‘being built’ University College-UMSU Gallery at the University of Manitoba. Ngan was to be the first artist exhibited at the new student gallery designed for University College. Sadly, funding became tight and the new gallery was abruptly brought to anContinue reading “Wayne Ngan 1937-2020”

Feathers and Preening

You have probably never thought much about feathers unless you raise chickens and wind up plucking them yourself. Or your duvet is full of down and feathers and you find them all over the place if there is a small hole. But, maybe, like many of us, you wish you had wings and could flyContinue reading “Feathers and Preening”