Late Saturday in Bird World

25 June Hi Everyone. Just a quick check on some of our favourite birds for this late lazy Saturday in June. Wow. Lindsay is one gorgeous peregrine falcon! Have a read: There are some beautiful birds coming out of San Francisco and Rosie and Richmond have two of them. Brooks and Molate. Oh, stunning. TheyContinue reading “Late Saturday in Bird World”

Saturday Morning in Bird World

25 June 2022 You will almost always hear that ‘the parents know where the fledgling is’. Certainly the eye sight of the raptors is acute. I remember someone saying at one of the Cal Falcons Q & A sessions that Annie might have actually ‘seen’ Grinnell get hit by the car. Tonight, the question onContinue reading “Saturday Morning in Bird World”

Friday in Bird World

24 June 2022 Stormy weather with hail and strong winds in the south of our province meant that I am home earlier than planned. How nice! I get to check on some of our favourite birds and that is always a wonderful thing (unless something awful is happening). This was a super cell caught atContinue reading “Friday in Bird World”

Late Thursday and early Friday in Bird World

23-24 June 2022 With all of the troubles in the Osprey nests, I missed that Chase & Cholyn’s only eaglet of 2022, Lancer, fledged on the 22nd. Here is a video of that first flight! This is the very latest information from the Pitkin Osprey Nest. This was one of the original postings if youContinue reading “Late Thursday and early Friday in Bird World”

Eagles tumble, tug-o-fish, and rehab…a busy day in Bird World

23 June 2022 It is 96 degrees F on top of the UFlorida-Gainesville Osprey nest. Big and Middle are feeling the heat. ‘R’ tells me that a cooling down rain is on the way. Wish for rain! I am extremely grateful to ‘R’ for the time stamp for the tug-o-fish between Big and Middle atContinue reading “Eagles tumble, tug-o-fish, and rehab…a busy day in Bird World”

More sadness in Osprey Land and is L3 injured?

22-23 June 2022 As you know, I have been working on a list of all the feathered friends we have lost so far. I had hoped to have it tidied up last week but, the continuing loss of nestlings has, as I mentioned one day, gutted me. The one word that continues to haunt meContinue reading “More sadness in Osprey Land and is L3 injured?”

Wednesday in Bird World – brief news

22 June 2022 It is a hot sunny and beautiful day on the Canadian prairies. The Farmer’s Markets are opening up, there are still lilacs blooming, and well…I wish the ice cream truck would come down the street!!!!! I did my walk. 5.8 km and it was way too hot!!!!!! Dreaming of winter. LOL. SFContinue reading “Wednesday in Bird World – brief news”

Sky fledges at West End and other brief news in Bird World

22 June 2022 Oh, it is simply a gloriously beautiful day – blue skies and bright sun. No rain forecast! A first for several days. Sky did some amazing hovering yesterday at the West End Eagle Nest. All that practice paid off. At 06:09 Sky flew off the nest just like he had been flyingContinue reading “Sky fledges at West End and other brief news in Bird World”

Oh, what a day!

21 June 2022 Within less than a week, we have seen two nest collapses – and I am thinking a third is coming at the Exshaw Osprey Nest in Alberta. The first was catastrophic with nest 2 at Patuxent River Park plummeting into the water. All three gorgeous older osplets were lost. Thankfully, the partialContinue reading “Oh, what a day!”