Monday in Ospreyland

How does Osprey fishing differ from Bald Eagle fishing? The National Eagle centre answered the question this way: “Bald Eagles and ospreys are both raptors (keen eyesight, curved beaks, and powerful talons), and are both primarily fish-eaters, but the technique they use to catch fish is quite different… and that difference directly influences their relationshipContinue reading “Monday in Ospreyland”

Lights Out for Little Bob

With the strong winds and mist blowing around I wanted to make one more check on the Port Lincoln Osprey Nest before turning off the computer for the day. Let’s face it. I was nervous – always nervous when something happens that could change a civil well disciplined nest into one of food insecurity andContinue reading “Lights Out for Little Bob”

Blustery winds in Port Lincoln

The blustery winds and water blowing onto the nest have made for a rough morning at Port Lincoln. Still, hats off to Dad. He managed to land one hefty fish that he brought to the nest at 6:49:35. Did he catch another? or return that big fish at 7:59:26? It was a bit chaotic. RightContinue reading “Blustery winds in Port Lincoln”

Sunday in Ospreyland

The sun is shining bright, the birds are singing and it is 24 degrees C on the Canadian Prairies. Yes, you read that right. 24 C. No wonder my Hibiscus is doing well. We have the temperatures of the tropics! It will be 28 before the day is over. The only way to tell itContinue reading “Sunday in Ospreyland”

Late Saturday in Bird World

I want to thank the person who wrote and thanked me for keeping everyone abreast of what is happening with the Port Lincoln Osplets. It is truly my pleasure. The situation of siblicide last year with Tapps really touched our or tore out our hearts. People can say that nature is not like Disneyland –Continue reading “Late Saturday in Bird World”

Saturday in Ospreyland

There is super news regarding the fledglings. Pont Cresor Blue 494, son of Aeron Z2 and Blue 014 was spotted at Point Caillot in Brittany, France by Colette Leclerqu. Blue 494 was also a historic hatch – the first for the Pont Cresor Nest in the Glaslyn Valley. Blue 494 has a great pedigree. HeContinue reading “Saturday in Ospreyland”

Little Bob loves his fish

I find myself continually checking on the Port Lincoln Osprey nest. In part it is because of the death of the third hatch, Tapps, last year. It is also because this nest has a history of siblicide. With the hatching of the three osplets so close together this year, everyone is hopeful that each willContinue reading “Little Bob loves his fish”

Friday in Bird World

Someone has a sense of humour over at the Dyfi Osprey Project. Have a look at their season highlights (oh, I had forgotten what a horrid spring these birds had!). There are some great images in this video compilation. There was a really short feed at the Port Lincoln Osprey Nest before the sun cameContinue reading “Friday in Bird World”

Very Impressive

I find myself continually checking on the PLO nest. Do you? It is a sunny 18 degree C day in Port Lincoln, Australia. The problem is the speed of the winds. The rate is 42 kmh or 26 mph. The water is choppy. The barge is moving a bit. Add that together with three ‘Bobbling’Continue reading “Very Impressive”

Thursday in Bird World

Everyone that I know either loves to see an Osprey fish or they wish they had the opportunity to do so. This is one of the best two minute videos I have ever seen showing the physical stamina that the male needs to land his fish and get it out of the water for theContinue reading “Thursday in Bird World”