Wednesday in Ospreyland and elsewhere

The water on the lake is very smooth today. Strangely there were no gulls, only one Cormorant fishing, and a lone duck. The bison were not in their enclosure but the sky was the most beautiful blue and the Aspen trees are nothing short of gorgeous. It was a good day. I also learned aContinue reading “Wednesday in Ospreyland and elsewhere”

And then there were 3

Port Lincoln Ospreys welcomed the third hatch at 00:57:50. This was one of the best images. Mum moved that eggshell later. Congratulations PLO. Let us hope that since the hatches are so close together, the rivalry will be minimal and all three will get to wear an antennae! There is other good news. Laddie, LM12Continue reading “And then there were 3”

Bird World. 14 Sept 2021

Everyone loves a new hatch and the two little Osplets at PLO continue to just make me go “awwwwwwwwwww.” Look at that nice fish Dad has brought in for Mom and the Little Bobs. They are both lined up, mouths open, watching with their eyes which aren’t focusing 100% yet. Oh, so sweet. There isContinue reading “Bird World. 14 Sept 2021”

Double Cute – the two Little Bobs

Ospreys quite similar to the ones we know today were well established in much of their current breeding range at about the same time our earliest ape-like ancestors left forests and began to walk upright across the plains of Africa. Alan Poole quoted in D. Gessner, Return of the Osprey, 158. I could not waitContinue reading “Double Cute – the two Little Bobs”

How do you say ‘cute’ in Osplet?

The Port Lincoln Ospreys welcomed two osplets born so close together that it has made a record for the barge. No hatches at dusk and two hatches by dawn! And they are soooooooo cute. Do you think they are born with their mouths open wanting fish? First one. First feeding for both was at 07:02.Continue reading “How do you say ‘cute’ in Osplet?”

It is 2 Osplets for PLO

I barely got my camera ready to go and check on our Ospreys and the second Osplet hatched at the Port Lincoln Osprey nest in Port Lincoln, Australia. It has happened before BUT it is very rare. The closer the osplets hatch the better their chances are if there is sibling rivalry. And it hasContinue reading “It is 2 Osplets for PLO”

Port Lincoln has an Osplet and a pip!

Oh, just look. Welcome to the world #1 Osplet at Port Lincoln. A few hours later and the little one is all dried off sporting its soft light grey down with its distinctive charcoal stripe. Close observers during the night note that another egg has started cracking. This image was taken at 09:21:13 on theContinue reading “Port Lincoln has an Osplet and a pip!”

Gabby is home!

Gabrielle or Gabby flew into the NE Florida Bald Eagle nest near Jacksonville today, 12 September. She might well have been on the branches or around earlier but I have her at 19:33:12. What a wonderful sight – to have this fabulous couple back safe and sound on their nest. Samson doesn’t migrate and heContinue reading “Gabby is home!”

It’s a Pip for Port Lincoln …and is Iris still in Montana?

The poor mum at the Port Lincoln Osprey Barge nest has certainly been stared at! Chatters want a stick moved and Dad seems to continue, on occasion, to bring in some more nest materials. At 02:06, many were certain there was a bump. By 05:33:13 there was a definite pip. The bump expanding for threeContinue reading “It’s a Pip for Port Lincoln …and is Iris still in Montana?”

Tears of the Albatross

As we prepare for the 2021 Royal Albatross to fledge off Taiaroa Head, New Zealand, it is a good time to think about these beautiful sea birds. Last year I came across this document, The Tears of the Albatross. It gives you the history, the mythology, and the environmental challenges that the Albatross face. ItContinue reading “Tears of the Albatross”