Is the mother at Collins Marsh Osprey Nest ill?

I don’t believe I have ever seen an Osprey mother behave like the one on the Collins Marsh Reservoir Nest in Wisconsin. She left the nest yesterday around noon and from my rudimentary calculations returned this morning around 9:37 and fed the chick – who had already been up trying to self feed itself. The chick slept alone on the nest last night under a full moon. We are all lucky that there were not large owls in the area or other large hawks in the early morning.

The dad has made deliveries but never any attempt to feed the chick so this must be the mother who is back at the nest. She seems a bit dosey – is that a word? slow at times?

There continue to be concerns around the chick’s feathers and it will be extremely hot on that Osprey nest today again. But, fingers crossed. Let’s hope this adult stays on the nest and takes care of their wee one today.

Chick sleeping alone under the full moon.

Little one woke up and tried to self-feed again.

Adult fed and is shading wee one a bit.

If the situation persists like it did yesterday (later today), the local biologist with the DNR will be contacted by the Collins Marsh Reservoir Centre. Several other wildlife staff have also been contacted already. Thank you to everyone who kept this little one in their heart and who wrote or called the Tip line at the Wisconsin DNR. It is much appreciated. I would also like to thank James from the Collins Marsh Nature Centre and Patricia, a bander in the area, for their quick responses to my queries.

This is just a short update on the Collins Marsh Nest. I will be monitoring it all day but will check on the other nests and report back this evening. Thank you for joining me. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that this adult takes care of this baby.

Thank you to the Collins Marsh Reservoir Osprey Nest for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.

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