Only surviving Osprey chick on Collins Marsh Nest needs your help!

It has been more than twelve hours since the mother of the only surviving chick on the Collins Marsh Nest in Wisconsin was with her chick. It is hot in Wisconsin. The chick is very hungry. The father has made two fish drops but he refuses to feed the chick. This is normal. Many of the males do not feed their chicks while some delight in it. Now anyone who knows the least amount about Ospreys knows that the father brings in the fish. The mother is either on the nest or arrives immediately, takes the fish, and feeds the chicks eating some of the fish herself. A female Osprey does not miss two fish drops unless there is something terribly wrong. She is either severely injured or dead.

You can clearly see the two pieces of fish. This wee one is trying to feed itself. It goes from the old dry fish to the newly brought in one trying to eat.

I was alarmed when the mother did not come to feed this little one who is obviously extremely hungry. Then when I saw the other piece of fish and realized that the parent had not been there to feed the chick earlier – well, my concern for the mother rose.

So there are now concerns over the chick’s welfare, the mother’s well being (she is injured or dead), and recently there is an issue with the chick’s feathers. There is something wrong with some of the primaries. They are either out of alignment or there are other issues.

It is hard to see in this image but there are spaces in between some of the flight feathers. I hope that the problem feathers do not break because if you look underneath you can still see they are blood feathers.

Several chicks have been placed successfully in foster homes in the past week by bander, Patricia Fisher.

If you watch this Osprey nest, then please consider phoning the Department of Natural Resources toll free emergency number. Tell them the mother is not on the nest tonight and has not been there since morning. She missed two fish drops to feed the chick. The chick tried to self-feed. Look at the images I have and if you watched the footage you should also address the issue of the feathers. That number is 1-800-847-9367. I have been told that if they get enough complaints they will have to act.

Of course the other concern is that this chick is open game for the Great Horned Owls who hunt at night or the Bald Eagles during the day. Let us hope that there is action tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping in and thank you for calling the emergency line if you watch this nest and are concerned for the welfare of this chick. Last week the chick that fell into the water at the Patuxent Osprey Nest 2 was saved because of citizen birders!

Sweet baby sleeping alone under a full moon. Let us all hope that the Great Horned Owls are hunting in another direction.

Thank you to the Collins Marsh Reservoir Nature Centre for their camera where I took my screen shots.


  1. Salliane says:

    Thanks for the excellent write up
    I wrote down the phone number you provided. I tried calling but there is only an after hour service available right now. I was told to call back at 7am(CST) in the morning


    1. Linda Kontol says:

      Thank you Mary Ann for this write up !
      Hopefully we can get some much needed help for the little chick. Praying 🙏
      I have sent an email and called

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