Trouble at Port Lincoln?

Yesterday there were not as many fish deliveries as there had been on the days when the wind was blowing at 34 kph. It was a bit concerning but the chicks seemed to be fine.

The PLO camera was down for a long time – frozen. The temperatures are cool but the winds are only around 11 kph. It is now after 8:45 am and no fish delivery yet. The chicks are fighting and hungry.

Mom has called and has tried to sit on them. This is a tragic turn of events if a large fish doesn’t come on this nest soon. They need the food – constantly. This is day 9 and 10 for these chicks. I continue to remind myself when watching the events this past hour that Tapps left us on day 18.

Why is this happening? That is my big question. The Dad has been good. Things let up a bit yesterday in terms of the deliveries but — please send your good wishes to this nest. Things can change in a second and we want the civil state and full chicks back.

One of the key persons with the nest said, “​In this phase, you will notice feedings further apart, but they will stuff those crops which now can handle a bit more. A bit slower growth than some are use to, different continent.” I hope she is right!

Thank you to the PLO for their streaming cam where I took this image.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh my ! I hope things get back to normal ASAP. Prayers for them. They were doing so wonderful! 💕💕💕

    1. The camera had been frozen and then to find no fish like there had been. Well, my heart sank. It is 9:35 and Mom looks like she is panicking. Things had been going so very well. But this is all it takes. One little hiccup and the entire nest – no matter where or whose it is – can begin to go sideways. I hope that nothing has happened to dad. I will watch periodically during the evening and night. Pray.

      1. salliane says:

        Oh fear!!!
        Huge prayers for this nest. We don’t need a other tragedy this season

      2. No, we don’t. A fish delivery did come in right when my Internet went down. I toggled to my phone to fish the happy blog. I am wondering if anything has to do with the earthquake impacted fishing. Apparently, the WBSE had no fish delivery either.

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