Chow time!

As far as can be determined, three of the four eggs at 367 Collins Street have hatched.

Those eyases got their first feed of pigeon!

Oh, look at that little beak wide open leaning over towards the adult wanting some food.

Awwww. Their eyes remain closed for the first 24 hours but, there they are with those little pink beaks open wide wanting food. Great instincts.

Sound asleep. The eyases will, in a couple of days, be jumping up for food when they hear the familiar sounds of their parents telling them it is time to eat.

The information on the Canadian Peregrine Foundation’s website is really good. They have a few fantastic images showing you, visually, how the eyases will develop. If you click on a picture, it will give you information on how these wee ones will change and grow.

Speaking of feedings, the Port Lincoln Osprey Barge has had quite a few. After my last check yesterday, they had more deliveries at 13:20:31, 14:33:37, 16:03, and another around 18:37ish. Sometimes the chicks were so full from the previous feeding, they were not so interested! Good work Mum and Dad!

You can still see the crops on all three after the previous feeding. Just look at how dark they are today but check out those big white feet!!!!!!!!! I could not possibly tell you which one is Little Bob today.

It was not a huge fish but it did top all of them up and left a bit for Mum and Dad.

Mom enjoying some time alone on the perch.

Oh, just look at those sweet babies trying to tuck themselves under Mum.

They might have thought it was the end of the feeding but Dad brought in a nice fish around 18:37 and this feeding will ensure that their tummies are full for the night. Full osplets are happy osplets!

All is well!

We will have to wait and see if that fourth egg at Collins Street will hatch today. Even if it doesn’t, three healthy eyases are just fine.

Thanks for stopping in. I am so glad you could join me for a short visual stop in to see how things are going at these two nests. Take care!

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project and the 365 Collins Street Falcon Cam by Mirvac for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Congratulations on the third hatch! Hopefully the 4th will
    Hatch today. Good to hear the little PLO’s are doing well too!
    Thanks Mary Ann! I’ll be so glad for the next newsletter. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Linda, Hopefully, we will have a better look but it seems there continue to be three. They are so cute and seemed to enjoy that pigeon Dad brought in! Thanks so much for joining us. Always such a joy talking with you.

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