Proud Mums

This screen capture was taken yesterday afternoon. Look at how well the three eyases are doing – within hours of hatching. Simply beautiful. Their eyes were closed but they will be open today.

Little Dad arrives with prey.

All of those images came from yesterday.

The following images were taken on 1 October. It is early morning. Mom is going to get up and take a break. You can see Dad standing on guard while she is away from the nest.

In the image below you can clearly see the fourth egg. You can also see the other shells.

Awwww. Sweet. Such a proud and beautiful mom.

Quite honestly I cannot tell you that there are four eyases. that is the same egg shell and well, I just continue to believe that there are three and may always be three.

There is another proud and happy mom and that is the female at the Port Lincoln Osprey Barge. She has every reason to believe that the curse that has hung over this nest – the curse of siblicide – will not happen this year. Life is good on the nest. Dad seems to have a new interest in getting fish on the nest when they are needed. In addition, he has often stayed on the nest for a few minutes or longer after a delivery. I don’t believe he is there to take the fish from Mum but, rather, to help maintain order.

I love how the sun just makes Mum glow.

Dad delivered a fish at 6:51:12. It wasn’t a whopper but it was a nice size for the chicks to start their day. And it came early! Thanks, Dad.

Look at those sweet faces lined up waiting for some bites.

Already their crops are expanding. (One day I would like to actually touch one and see if they are hard squishy).

By 8:24, Mum has the kids tucked in. Eat and sleep, sleep and eat. That is what little ospreys and falcons do!

But wait! Those chicks have hardly gotten to sleep. Is it another fish delivery? Mom is sure off the babes and calling.

She walks around the sleeping babies carefully. She can see Dad coming in with the fish! Wake up kids. Time to eat!!!!!!!! What, again?

One is so full from the previous feed that it can’t even get up to eat. But, if the length of the coppery peach feathers on the neck is anything to go by, Little Bob is up at the table having another plate full. He would be the one up at the table on the left.

Another one gives in to food coma. This is so crazy. Two are already passed out from food comas and it is only 8:32 in the morning. Dad, you amaze me.

Oh, this last chick is going to be so full. What a wonderful way to begin the day.

Mum was still feeding at 8:39. It is a nice fish. Are the others waking up and wanting more? No, looks like one is out for the count.

By 8:44, the fish is gone and all of the chicks are rolled up into balls trying to sleep off those two feedings.

If this level of food delivery and stability continues on the Port Lincoln Nest, this will be the first year in the history of the nest that three osplets fledge. There are so many people around the world overjoyed at the change. It really is something to celebrate.

These are two very proud moms and for good reason.

Thank you for joining me. Take care everyone. Stay safe!

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots: 365 Collins Street Falcons by Mirvac and the Port Lincoln Osprey Project.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Great news and great photos in this newsletter ! Thanks Mary Ann for giving us the opportunity to see these babies and how they are growing at the PLO nest! It is so cute and sweet to see the three little eyases! They are three Adorables!
    I’ll e looking forward to the next new newsletter !
    Have a great evening , Linda

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