Should we stay or should we go?

As 8 November was beginning to reveal itself in Melbourne, all four of the 367 Collins Street Peregrine Falcon chicks were at the end of the ledge, near the scrape box where they had slept during the night.

At 06:34, Victor Hurley confirmed the first fledge of the 2021 season.

It was absolutely perfect. The sibling on the ledge did not even notice!

and off.

Interestingly, at 08:41:00 when the camera was turned to the other side in anticipation of catching more fledges, there were three falcons at that end and one at the other.

So, did the bird that fledged return? or did it quickly run down to the other end when the camera was turning?

With the camera now pointing to this gorgeous penthouse view of the falcons, we may never know.

These three entertained themselves, bobbing their heads, eating, and watching Mum and Dad do some aerial manoeuvres.

They ate and found scraps of food.

They love walking along the ledge.

In the image below, notice the difference in size. Yes, there is the camera angle and one in front and another behind. Victor Hurley suggests that there are two males and two females this year.

The one in front is likely the much larger female. The smaller male at the back. I think I will go so far as to add that it was probably a male that fledged first also. That tends to be the norm.

They are, of course, perfectly capable of flying. That one flew from the ledge overlooking the street to the window ledge. No problem.

So will these three stay or will they go?

It is nearing 11:10 in Melbourne and all three are on the ledge of 367 Collins overlooking the river.

It is hard to believe that they were ever small fluff balls like they were on 22 October, 17 days ago.

Oh, they still have their pink bills and legs. It is 8 October. The image below was precisely four weeks ago.

This was 1 October. We were all worried that the little one wouldn’t get enough food. That was a bit silly. 39 days ago.

It has been another fabulous year for the Mum and Dad and their chicks at 367 Collins Street in Melbourne. Victor Hurley has given us wonderful information on the FB page of the group, sharing all of his knowledge of Peregrine Falcons in the state of Victoria. The camera has been shifted at least twice. Thank you for that! No one wants to miss anything. It has been a great experience. When these three do decide to take the leap of faith and become birds – indeed, the fasting flying bird in the world – we will, indeed, miss them. But oh what a joy they have brought to each of us. We will always be grateful.

And a lesson learned. Falcons need pigeons, so feed them! Don’t put rodenticide up on your roof trying to kill the pigeons. It could be a beautiful falcon that eats that pigeon and dies. Tell your friends and family, too. Let’s make the world safe for these gorgeous birds.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I am still a bit zonked from staying up for the banding of the Port Lincoln Ospreys last night. Those chicks were also very healthy with beautiful feathering – just like the Collins Four.

Thank you to the 367 Collins Street Falcon Cam by Mirvac for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots and to Victor Hurley for being so patient with all of us and for his ongoing research on the peregrine falcons.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for the update 9n the 4 falcons! Wow! They sure do grow up fast!
    Hope they don’t leave too soon though and someone find them injured or anything.
    Have a great evening!

    1. Hi Linda. Ten minutes after I pressed publish, the second one (surely the other male) fledged. Just a super beautiful flight. I have been busy and have not checked but they could all be gone now. What is surprising is that ‘little’ Yurruga – who is bigger than Xavier – could fledge in 8-10 days, too. What has happened? The season flew by like the speed of a falcon.

  2. Salliane says:

    How quickly these chicks grow up and now have to face the challenges of the world out there.

  3. Yvonne Rose says:

    Thank you for your blog post. Do you know if they have all left yet? I see none today on the webcam. I cannot access the Facebook page as I seem to have been blocked for some unknown reason.

    1. Hi Yvonne Rose, You are very welcome. It is my pleasure. At 11:09, there were two on the end where you can see the cityscape. Both of those headed to the other end where we cannot see. I suspect they could be resting. There is no scratching on the metal. Typically, birds do not fledge during the middle of the day. Rather, they will fly off in the early morning or evening. There is nothing on FB to indicate any other fledges either. It is possible that they did fly but I cannot confirm that. Fingers crossed they are still with us. Rewind the webcam to 11:09ish or before.

    2. The first fledged at 06:34 on 8 November and the 2nd at 07:46 on 9 November. There is no indication that the other two have fledged – just confirming this for you. Parent fed then on the ledge.

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