First Egg for Harriet and M15

It is a bright sunny day on the Canadian Prairies which means it is colder, -9 C. That is 15.8 degrees F for those dreaming of turkey dinner south of us. There is a beautiful blanket of snow covering everything and the birds are just now waking up, 11:00. I wonder who will come and visit the garden today?

Probably the most exciting news coming out of the US today from the Bald Eagle community is that Harriet and M15 have their first egg of the 2021-22 season as of yesterday. Look for egg 2 on the 23rd.

Lady Hawk did a video of M15 seeing their egg for the first time. Harriet and M15 are a favourite couple. Fingers crossed that the GHOW leaves them alone and it is another very successful year for them in Fort Myers, Florida.

The three lads at Port Lincoln Osprey Barge are sleeping. They are always so sweet cuddled up together during the night!

There was some mixup by some of the chatters yesterday about who pushed who off the nest yesterday morning – it was Bazza. I won’t resort to calling him Big Bad Bazza but, he was very aggressive possibly watching Ervie to learn how to fight. It is frustrating when Falky gets both of the first two fish of the day – it has to be both for Ervie and Bazza. Remember these three shared up until just after the time that Ervie and Falky fledged. Bazza got the 12:30 and 14:11 fish.

I am hoping that I can find evidence of Ervie getting a fish later! Ah, thankful to a chatter who keeps detailed accounts, ‘GG’ who confirmed there were 7 fish delivered yesterday. Mum was feeding Bazza and Falkey and Ervie had a fish to himself. Excellent. The parents obviously watched what was going on and decided to put an end to it. Three hot headed males on that nest. It was difficult to unscramble what was happening. Everyone went to sleep with food in their crops.

You will all recall that Bazza had held back and had not caused mischief previously. One of the other chatters, ‘T’ said there is a saying in her country, ‘Beware of silent dog and still water.’ That certainly fits Bazza!

Cilla Kinross, the researcher at Charles Sturt University on peregrine falcons, has just posted a short video of Yurruga titled, ‘It won’t be long.’ All eyes will be on the scrape box of Xavier and Diamond today!

I know that many of us grew up at a time when going to the circus was something a family did. No one considered the plight of the animals – it wasn’t something discussed. Fast forward and the use of wild animals -for entertain purposes for human animals – is unthinkable in the early 21st century. France has been proposing a law that would ban wild animals such as tigers, lions, and bears in circuses as well as mink farms. So far the country has yet to outlaw bullfighting but that will come, hopefully. It is hoped similar laws will be generated internationally.

This is the latest move in the UK and Europe to begin the protection of animals. There remains much to do.

It is pretty quiet in Bird World this morning. There will be more eggs laid by the Bald Eagles. It is that time of year. Yurruga might fledge if the weather conditions are right. The parents are certainly teasing her by doing flybys with prey trying to lure her to fly and get the food. Fingers crossed for a first success if she does. There is absolutely no news on the WBSE juvenile in care and the only news coming out of San Francisco is that Grinnell has been seen flying around Campus and Annie has been seen flying with the interloper. Eggs are not laid til after the new year. There is plenty of time for this love triangle to get sorted.

Thank you for joining me today. It is time in Canada to find the winter duvets and exchange coats for warm winter ones. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots: Charles Sturt University Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross, SWFlorida Eagle Cam and the Pritchett Family, and Port Lincoln Osprey Project.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann it’s so good to get the newsletter with all
    The updates and photos! Thank you very much! Glad Ervie got a fish too as well
    As Falky and Bazza. 💕💕💕🐟🐟🐟
    Yurruga is getting ready to fly! How cute she is. They grow up so fast!💕
    Good luck to Grinell! So glad he has been seen and not in a quarrel with the other male falcon! Maybe Grinell will win Annie back and if not hope he finds him a mate too. ❤️❤️
    Congratulations to Harriett and m15! Best wishes for them this season!❤️❤️🦅🦅🐣
    Have a great and Blessed Sunday and enjoy your day!
    We have our Thanksgiving on Thursday this coming up weekend. I can’t wait to eat Thanksgiving dinner! Lol

    1. Oh, I wish you the very best Thanksgiving dinner this year with your family, Linda. As a child I could not wait. It meant 2 dinners – lunch at one grandparents and dinner at the other! All the family brought the best dishes they made to go along with the birds the grandmothers cooked and the Chess Pie. Great memories. Oh, those boys at Port Lincoln. I always wonder if the toxins in the ground and water – including things like Scotchguard! which was outlawed – don’t cause issues. I have been reading way too much about that. But for now we celebrate. Bazza and Ervie did not kill one another. Yurruga is still in the scrape and the first BE egg. Thank you. I hope your Sunday is joyful.

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