Yurruga Fledges

It was a beautiful flight. Xavier was outside taunting Yurruga. Diamond was at her side. Then Diamond flew. Yurruga was watching everything. She took off like a pro with perfect form. It was a beautiful Monday morning in Orange, Australia. 06:03:55.

Diamond and Yurruga are watching Xavier. That beautiful golden glow of the morning sun touches the scrape.

Diamond is off!

Yurruga joins her parents flying around the water tower. It was brilliant. No fludge for this young man or lady.

She has perfect flying form.

Yurruga leans down and out she goes. Magnificent.

This is the view of Yurruga leaping out to chase her destiny from the ledge cam. Look at Yurruga go! Beautiful and strong legs.

Fly safe, Yurruga!

Diamond returns to the scrape box ledge. Her job is mostly over.

Diamond watches from the ledge cam. Xavier and Yurruga are flying by. Xavier will teach Yurruga to fly and hunt along with team teaching with Diamond.

Congratulations to Dr Cilla Kinross, the lead researcher on the Peregrine Falcon Project, to Diamond and Xavier bravo! You did an amazing job. May Yurruga bless you with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!

Thank you to Charles Sturt University and Cilla Kinross for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots.


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