Royal Cam Family for 2021-22

Just go OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It is OGK and YRK, Princess Pippa Atawhai’s parents. Oh, how lucky we are! Here is the announcement posted by Sharon Dunne:

Oh, my gosh. I am speechless. This is such wonderful news. Is there an Albatross Jig that we can do to celebrate?

You can watch the Royal Albatross family for 2021-22 right here:

Wow. Just wow. OGK has to be one of the greatest dads to land on Taiaroa Head. This is going to be such fun.


  1. Beautiful couple! I’ve added them to my watch list. Thanks Mary Ann!

    1. Oh, great. I will be posting near to the time of the hatch. Watching those big birds feed those tiny chicks liquid squid is unbelievable. The chicks are so cute..they really touch your heart and mind.

    1. They are! And kind and caring. There is something special about all of the Albies.

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