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Let’s start off with what is on everyone’s mind: Has there been a confirmed sighting of Yurruga? Yesterday, Dr Cilla Kinross was inspired by a very quick prey drop at the scrape. Diamond flew into the trees. Cilla was in the trees looking half an hour later – she only saw Diamond. Diamond returned to the scrape with quite a large crop also. Some believed they had heard Yurruga calling but, Cilla is unable to confirm that. So the answer is – we simply do not know. Yurruga has not been seen since last Thursday when he was on a building during a storm. We can only wait.

My goodness that little one was such a cutie.

October 20. Yurruga and Diamond

Diamond was really beautiful this morning as the soft glow of the sun worked its way through the fog.

Both parents, Xavier and Diamond, have been inside the scrape – scraping. They also had some bonding moments this morning at sunrise.

My heart aches for them.

The second question of the day is what is going on with Grinnell, the male Peregrine Falcon of the Campanile, mate to Annie, that was injured by a male intruder that is trying to cosy up with Annie? Here is the latest news.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation rangers on Taiaroa Head are shutting down the streaming cam so that they can move it to the site of the Royal Albatross family for 2021-22. There are lots of guesses as to who the couple might be. The announcement is due tomorrow.

One of my favourite Bald Eagle couples, Samson and Gabby, at the NE Florida Bald Eagle nest near Jacksonville have been putting the finishing touches on their nest. They are perfecting the Spanish moss lining the nest cup. Now all we need are some eggs!

Gabby doing some final inspections this morning.

The three lads at the Port Lincoln all had fish yesterday. Falky had more than Ervie or Bazza. Falky has become a master at slipping the fish out of Dad or Mum’s talons. A magician.

There is a lovely shot of the PLO Mum. She has done an extraordinary job raising these three boys to fledge this year (with Dad’s good help). Yesterday she even spent some time feeding Bazza. He is definitely a Mum’s boy!

Bazza can be a bit naughty. I know that the banders were certain that there were three males. Someone looking at Bazza’s legs and that beautiful necklace in the image below might mistake him for a lovely female.

Bazza and Falky sleep with their heads tucked under their wings – adult style – standing on the nest. Ervie is sleeping over on the perch or the ropes. They are all doing well. I continue to pinch myself. This Osprey nest really turned itself around this year to fledge all three hatchlings.

There are many articles coming out in international newspapers and academic journals on the effect of warming oceans on the seabirds including the beloved Osprey. I picked one of those for you as some are frustrating. They allow me to embed the article but then want you to subscribe to read it! That is a major irritant to me – like Subarus are to Ferris Akel!

It is a grey damp day, 3 degrees C. The snow is melting. There are lots of birds at the feeders. A large European Starling is sharing the peanut and bark butter feeder with some cute little House Sparrows.

The tiny suet balls called Bark Butter by our supplier are a really big hit since winter has set in. Junior has been around to get the corn while Dyson was busy elsewhere. Nice to see all of them.

One of my former students posted this today on FB. It is a perfect little giggle for all of us!

Thank you so much for joining me today. Take care everyone. Stay safe.

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project, Charles Sturt University Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross, and NE Florida Eagle and the AEF for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the lovely photos! The feeders with the snow and different kinds of birds are so exciting! I love the moose with the goose! We wait for the sighting of Yurruga. 🙏
    So happy for the PLO’s. The three are very beautiful and Bazza does look female in the photo to me too. But sometimes that happens!
    Have a good afternoon and take care

    1. You are so welcome. I am glad you liked the Goose on the Moose! We will wait and see if they are all males. I know that there are some surprises but also there are males who have necklaces that are quite gorgeous. Only DNA and an egg will tell us. I wonder if PLO took DNA when they banded those chicks. I need to ask that question!

  2. Thank you for such interesting news once again. I’ll be eager to hear whether Annie and Grinnell end up back together again. A peregrine soap opera of sorts!
    On the Yurruga front, my heart is also aching. Can’t stand not knowing…. 💔 Hopefully someday we’ll find out what happened.

    1. You are very welcome, Betty. Yes, we wait. I hope that Annie and Grinnell are together. He is a really good provider and takes good care of his family…loving to interact with the little ones. I would go with tried and trusted if I were Annie. I guess we will see who she choses after the New Year!

  3. Salliane says:

    That is a great photo of the goose resting on the antlers of the moose…haaha…moose…goose 🙂

    Thank you for the pics of your backyard birdies. They look so happy

    1. I am so glad that you got a laugh out of that. That image is on everything from mugs to pillows to hoodies! You are so welcome for those photos of the garden birds. I adore them – including the House Sparrows. So many don’t want to feed them. I do not understand why. After you get to know the birds that come you can actually identify some regulars by the patterns of their plumage. The heads of the male House Sparrows can be very distinctive. They bring joy. I hope you are well.

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