Late Tuesday evening in Bird World

It is 18:30 on the Canadian Prairie. It has been dark outside for approximately 2 hours. The weather is actually balmy at -6 C. This winter, for the past several weeks, the temperatures have gone up and down like a rollercoaster. It is difficult to get used to and somehow manages to make sure that you have a cold at one time or another. The tissue box is sitting right next to me!

The hatch at the Kisatchie National Forest in Central Louisiana of Bald Eagles Anna and Louis is going well. If this chick survives the process, it will be only the second Bald Eaglet to hatch in this nest since 2013. Anna and Louis are so lucky. It is one of the most beautiful Bald Eagle nests I have ever seen – for its location. Lake Kincaid is not that far away and is stocked with fish. Louis does not have to go far!

Anna, finally, had to get up and take a break. Louis was more than happy to step in. In fact, he had arrived at least one time and Anna was not giving in to letting him take over. Poor guy. When she did finally let him, when he got up to change shifts when his time was over, Louis pulled Spanish Moss over the egg hiding it. Anna had to look and look all the while the chick could be heard cheeping.

Anna finally found it and removed the covering. Whew! For a few seconds everyone watching must have held their breath.

The side with the egg tooth protruding is hidden. You can see the membrane and the cracked, crumpled shell.

It is great that Cody attached a small microphone to the nest for sound. That little one sounds like it has healthy lungs!

There is no pip at the Captiva Bald Eagle nest. Land owner, Lori Covert, said that Connie’s eggs usually hatch late at day 40. Today is only day 37.

Over at the Captiva Osprey Nest, however, Lena laid her second egg of the season at 17:06:01. Poor Lena. She has no idea how many people are watching her fluffy bottom!!!!!!!

R1 and R2 are really doing well. Ron has brought in fresh fish and has even fed the babies once today when I was watching. He is funny because he stands way back at the rim. I am hoping that he isn’t afraid of feeding them just cautious. It has been raining and there is currently a food warning for parts of Miami-Dade County.

About a month ago, the Kakapo Recovery posted a series of cartoons of the male Kakapo. Today they did the same for the females! Too funny. The one thing these cartoons do is point out that the birds that may look the same are actually individuals with their own personalities. I know that you have seen this with the birds that you watch in your garden or on screen.

Ervie had a fish delivery at 09:13:18 so all is well in the world of the Erv. The camera operator also showed the area around the barge and the clean up crew.

There are pigeons sitting on the top of the ladder waiting for Ervie to drop some of his fish now and again.

Some of you might remember when that barge sunk during the storm. Nice view off in the distance.

These are some of the places that Ervie visited – where the fish are brought in. A good place to find some unwanted fish, perhaps.

Anna is not giving away any secrets at the KNF nest. This little one is going to keep everyone up late pacing back and forth!

Harriet and M15 have been chasing off an immature eagle, perhaps 2 or 2.5 years old, from the nest! Lady Hawk posted the event as a video.

It is time for dinner. So looking forward to a fluffy little chick at Anna and Louis’s tomorrow!

Take care everyone. Thank you so very much for joining me. Please take care of yourselves. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or their FB Pages where I took my screen shots: Port Lincoln Osprey Project, KNF Bald Eagle Cam, Kakapo Recovery, Berry College Bald Eagle Cam, WRDC Bald Eagle Cam, and the Captiva Osprey Cam.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks again Mary Ann for all the great updates! Good luck to KNF nest. Hopefully little chick will come out tomorrow because I don’t know if they sleep at night or still hatch out in the dark.
    I checked the PLO’s and some of the chatters are asking about Bazza. I hope he is ok. 🙏
    Ervie and Falky still there and we can watch themand get the updates and photos from you. Thanks for all of them Mary Ann. They are so beautiful and I wish all three a wonderful life. ❤️❤️❤️
    I am thinking the young bald eagle may be one of R and J’s at the nest of Samson and Gabby.
    Just wish we knew.
    Good luck to all,the nest and the parents are sure doing a great job!
    I hope the owl doesn’t come at H and M’s nest tonight again. Poor M! They ran an immature eagle away too that could be E 9 wanting to visit the new babies. I wish we knew.
    Have a good night Mary Ann and I look forward to the next newsletter tomorrow.
    Enjoy your dinner and thanks for taking time to give us the newsletter with all the photos and updates on the nests we love to follow.

    1. Hi Linda, Just a quick response. If they would put colour bands with ID numbers we would know all the answers to the questions you are asking. Today, when a 2016 Osprey showed up in Senegal from Sweden they knew who it was. I realize that there are far too many eagles to band all of them but they sure could make a start with all the streaming cams. — Yes, of course. Bazza was always on the nest and then there were the kerfuffles with Falky and Ervie. I think he has probably moved on but he simply could be sitting up on the front of the barge! We can’t see. He could be over on the old barge where Mum and Dad stay most of the time with Mum feeding him fish. When we watch all of the nests so closely, the birds become part of our daily lives, like the visitors to our feeders. And we want to know that they are alright. It is difficult to not know what happens to them! It pulls so at our heart strings. We must continue to send positive wishes and prayers and hope that they are safe and doing well until we know otherwise. Little one chirping and trying to get out at KNF. I wish it would hurry!!!!!!! Take care. See you tomorrow.

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