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I genuinely hope that the Bird World community does not have a fright like it did this morning when Gabby had not returned to relieve Samson of incubation duties for nearly 24 hours. Samson seemed nonplused by it all and maybe he knew where Gabby was. She has been known to disappear for a bit in the past but it seems unusual rip before pip. At any rate, all is well at the NEFlorida Bald Eagle nest outside of Jacksonville, Florida.

A video has been posted of an intruder chase at the NEFlorida Bald Eagle nest around the time that Gabby returned to the nest at 11:53. It would, thus, appear, as I thought, that her absence was based on a territorial issue rather than one of her ‘disappearing’.

B15 hatched this morning at 07:57 at Berry College. Everyone thought Missy might not ‘know to feed it’. She was up eating and looked over several times to see if its head was up and beak open. She knows what to do! Like the KNF eaglet, this little one is pooped from hatching.

B15 is a real little cutie! It looks very strong.

I sure wish Missey had gotten rid of those egg shells when B15 hatched. You will note that one has slipped over the end of the second egg. Hopefully this will not cause B16 trouble when hatching!

B15 looks so tiny compared to Harriet and Mitch’s eaglets at the Hilton Head Island Trust Bald Eagle Nest. Their feathers are starting to come in. Poor things. They are always preening and we think that they must be itchy.

I think this is a new take on ‘Sleeping with the Fishes’. Ron has been keeping the nest full of fish for Rita and the babies. He can often be seen feeding the little ones himself. They are doing nicely and this human-made nest seems to be working out well. Perhaps this design will be needed in areas that lose trees in big storms or fires.

The two of them are adorable. They scoot around all over the nest.

Bingo! Anna and the baby finally got feeding worked out. The little eaglet is going to have a nice crop. Louis is already beginning to fill the nest up with big fish.

I love seeing Louis and Anna on the nest. Look at that nice Pike that Louis brought in for lunch! And there is the little one with its crop holding its head up pretty good. It was so full it just fell over into food coma.

Louis has brought in more fish! No shortage of things for the family to eat. Louis is one of the most enthusiastic fisher-dads I have ever seen.

Anna and the yet to be named baby eaglet have figured all of this out! Just look there is a little tail!

This eaglet is seriously cute. The Rangers are looking for a name. Anyone can send in a suggestion. It should be gender neutral. Send name in an e-mail to: Send it by 30 January.

You can see the tail and the strong wings below. Oh, adorable. This eaglet is going to be like Kisatchie – there were days you would think s/he was going to pop they had been fed so much. Anna is the kind of Mum that wants you to ‘take just one more bite, pleaseeeee’.

Just doing a quick check on the Port Lincoln Lads. Ervie was, of course, on the nest last night and Mum brought him a fish before bedtime. There are fewer and fewer fish deliveries indicating that the parents want all the boys to be out fishing themselves.

At 07:33:57, someone did, however, deliver Ervie a nice big chunk of fish!

Ervie has the fish.

That fish is under his talents but he is still mantling and flapping and prey calling. Just eat and enjoy it, Ervie.

An hour later Ervie is still eating his fish. His ‘gas tank’ is full!

I have been thinking about Ervie a lot. I have to tell a story to make my point. Years ago we had a black and white cat called Melvin. It was a time when cats could be outside where I live. Melvin loved nothing more than to roll in the dirt! He was always dusty. One day, when he was 2 years old, he disappeared. We looked and called but, nothing. Four days later Melvin was at the door crying to get in. We noticed some strange marks on his paws. It looked like thin wire had worn the fur off and there were a couple of holes. Had he gotten caught in a barbed wire fence? The result of his misadventure was real trauma. Melvin hid in the bedroom and walk-in closet. He rarely came out into the other areas of the house. When we had our cat sitter, Heather, she would take a flashlight to check he was OK under the bed and put his food there. Over the decade she helped us, she never actually saw Melvin, not once, just his eyes. Melvin lived 15 years in hiding, more or less. He would come out with us but no one else. While we will never know what happened to him, that event changed his life. This brings me to Ervie. If you remember, Ervie was the one going everywhere and being independent. It was Bazza on the nest. Then Ervie was away flying south of Port Lincoln. He has not left the nest since except to chase Falky. His behaviour has changed dramatically. Did he try to catch a fish and couldn’t get out of the water easily? We will never know what he experienced. I hope to goodness I am wrong about something traumatic happening to Ervie. He is clearly the dominant bird but why isn’t he out exploring?

The Audubon Society has announced today that the Migratory Bird Act has been brought back and will be strengthened in the US. Here is that information.

And, last but never least, the Kakapo Recovery. Today’s report on the breeding attempts and eggs. This is great news coming out of New Zealand.

It’s an exciting time full of ups and downs. We are on pip watch for Captiva and NEFlorida and with two recent hatches at Berry and KNF – well, it is difficult to keep track of all of them! I am really pleased at Anna and the eaglet getting the feedings worked out. It is all good down in Louisiana. I look forward to tomorrow. Think about a name for this cute eaglet and send it off!

Take care everyone. Thank you for joining me today. Take care.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or FB pages where I took my screen captures: KNF Bald Eagle Nest, Berry College, Kakapo Recovery, Port Lincoln Ospreys, WRDC Bald Eagle Nest, and Hilton Head Island Trust.


  1. Mary Ann, I was oh so happy to read in your post that Anna and baby finally got into sync with the feeding — and that its crop is now full! I had watched another difficult attempt earlier and was getting really worried. Whew!
    Also glad to read that Gabby has returned – and all the other hopeful reports.
    Wonder what’s going on with Ervie though. Hopefully whatever trauma he might’ve experienced will be forgotten soon. It’s so true that birds and animals can also suffer from PTSD.
    Thank you again for your informative posts and all the great photo captures!

    1. It is my pleasure or my agony! There was a feeding at the KNF nest near 17:00. Louis brought in yet another big fish! And the little one got itself around, Anna removed some of the grass, and wow. Crop full. So cute both parents watching. I took some screen captures for tomorrow. It is going to be alright. Gabby and Samson have been having trouble with a sub-adult female. There are a number of Bald Eagle nests in the area but it is really the wrong time for that bird to be bothering Samson and Gabby. I think Gabby was keeping her away from the nest. Females take on the females, males the males. Someone told me once that an eagle chased an intruder away from the nest for 25 minutes. I should look that up again. I did not think she would leave for ‘no good reason’, not at this stage unless she knows the egg is hatching tomorrow and she just needed a longer break!!!!! Ervie. Yes, you know. PTSD. Our Melvin loved people. I forgot to say that. And he loved playing with the grandchildren but whatever happened, well, he lived under the bed or on his post in the walk in closet that had a window put in it for him. So I do wonder about Ervie. He is his dominant self but that adventure side of him is gone. We wait. I see there is some rain predicted for around your way and up into Vancouver Island. I hope there are no floods for anyone. Nite.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! I’m so glad
    That Anna and little bitty got it worked out for the feedings. Their little one is so adorable 💕
    I hope Ervie will be ok. Somewhere down the road they all probably talked it
    Over about who is going to do what.
    Smart boys! ❤️❤️❤️ Love them and wish them the bestest!
    I hope the intruder is gone for good from Samson and Gabbys nest! They have a family to raise and don’t need any intruders 🙏❤️❤️🦅🦅
    Thanks for the photos and info update on the Kakapo! I pray all goes
    Well them and their eggs 🙏❤️
    Thanks for all these photos that are
    Have a great evening Mary Ann!

    1. Yes, it is truly looking well for Anna and the little one. She figured it out much quicker than last year. Yes! They could have discussed it. Oldest out first (Sunday the 9th), Falky out on the 12th, and will Ervie go soon? Fingers crossed for them all. It is really getting busy in all of the nests, Linda. GHOWs on Bald Eagle and Osprey nests!!!!!!! You are always welcome. I enjoy your love and compassion for all of the animals.

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