Louis was feeding the little eaglet at the KNF nest site this morning. I really slept in – after worrying about the disturbances around the nest – and Anna being unseen on the nest since 14:06. I immediately thought Anna was not there and my heart sunk.

As it happens, Anna was distressed. But, she was on the nest brooding the baby last night. The moderator could not get to see Anna’s right eye – it is the only well to tell her and Louis apart – and believed it to be Louis still on the nest. And so did the rest of us! The behaviour was very odd. The mother could not relax and kept looking around. The only conclusion that I have is that she was stressed by the people around the nest and in a boat on the water and, of course, by the nearby gun shots.

I am thrilled that Anna is OK – over the moon. I don’t want to see eagles distressed like this couple yesterday. Maybe it is time to ban people from areas around nests during breeding season.

Thank you so much for joining me for this quick report on Anna. I will be back later this afternoon with a review of the nests. Take care everyone.

Thank you to the KNF for their streaming cam where I took these screen captures.


  1. Oh, thank heavens! Tears of relief here. Thank you for letting us know that Anna is okay, Mary Ann. I agree that humans should be banned from certain areas during nesting season. Only authorized persons permitted!

    1. Oh, Betty. Yes. Relief. They must do something about the people having such close access to that nest! The adults were distressed all day yesterday by it.

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