Where is Anna?

At 12:12 Anna, the female Bald Eagle at the Kisatchie National Forest nest (KNF) lets her mate, Louis, take charge of the eaglet so she can have a break. It had been a good morning.

Anna, the perfect Mum, protecting her growing eaglet from the hot sun. Look at how nice he is standing up so straight.

Louis took over the task of caring for the little one. Anna touched down on the nest and was last seen at 14:06. There she is standing on the fish.

Louis got better feeding the little eaglet over the course of the afternoon.

Louis is brooding the chick. He is not only a great provider but proves he is up to the task and is taking charge. He isn’t sleeping though. He is awake and alert listening.

The nest is in a non-hunting area. There were, however, two gunshot sounds in the afternoon at 16:14:35. There were also loud voices of people. At 16:57 it sounds as if there are two eagles chatting to one another. One of them with a hoarser voice than normal.

Is Anna injured? The rangers will go out and search for her. Was she shot? Let us all hope not. It was way too sad when the Eagle couple from area 2 were killed by gunshot.

Please send all your warm wishes to this fabulous nest – so full of hope, full of food, and two loving parents. This just shows us how challenging life is for these beautiful birds and how their good fortune can turn in an instant.

I am so sorry to bring you this news. I wish it were not so and we all wake up in the morning and realize it was Anna on the nest after all! Take care everyone.

Thank you to the KNF Bald Eagle streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Mail! says:

    Oh no 😢!  Prayers for Anna and her family that no harm has come to her or any of them Thanks Mary Ann for the update. Please let us know if there is any news. And May God Bless them 🙏❤️❤️💕🦅🦅🐣🙏Linda

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    1. Louis is doing a great job brooding and he has lots of fish on the nest. The rangers and others will be out scouring the area for Anna tomorrow. I hope that the 3 gunshots were not at her. I really hope so. The eaglet needs about 2 more weeks and then it would not be an issue for Louis to scurry off and get a fish. Even now Louis could do that since the lake is right there. I think he can be like Mom Decorah but it is hard work. I just can’t quite believe it, Linda. This was like the nest with everything going for it. Life is so fragile for them. Keep your prayers coming!

  2. Oh Mary Ann, this is devastating. With aching heart I hope and pray Anna is okay. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    1. Louis has finally gone to sleep with his head tucked in his wing. The baby had a really nice crop and is snug and warm under Dad. It doesn’t have its thermal down to keep it warm by itself so it needs a parent. There are a number of fish and tomorrow if Anna is not back on the nest a search party will go out and look. Cody one of the main rangers is in Texas until Wednesday so he will organize it remotely. What a time to be away! This nest had everything going for it and well, snap your fingers and things can change. I hope that Anna is just keeping a female intruder at bay and away from the nest. We wait and pray!

  3. Akane says:

    Anna and Louie got together at 7:08:50 AM (nest time)! I’m so happy! That’s good!!!

    1. Akane, everyone is breathing much more easily this morning! It is unclear but it appears that Anna was brooding the eaglet. She was upset and not herself and behaving unlike she normally does. It appears that there was a misidentification by the moderator but, whatever happened, I am so glad Anna is there and Louis. I hope they will keep the people and the guns away from the nest! I am so happy – over the moon!

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