Ervie is fine, just fine!

The Port Lincoln Osprey Project streaming cam has been flickering on and off for several days since the big storm about a week ago. Sometimes we get a chance to have a look at our favourite boy and sometimes we sit and worry about how he is doing.

Port Lincoln reported on their FB page that Ervie flew up to the north shore yesterday. They mentioned that Mum likes to go there and they were wondering if Ervie followed her? or went on his own? Wonder if he caught a fish?

When the streaming cam came back on, Ervie was on the nest eating a nice sized fish. Did he catch it? Did Dad -who was down in his cave- drop it off for Ervie? There is no answer and it didn’t matter because our dear Ervie didn’t care how it got on that nest, he was enjoying every morsel.

Still mantling and protecting his lunch.

Does his head and breast feathers look wet to you? Ervie, did you catch this fish?

Ervie can make some of the silliest of faces!

Oh, Ervie does love his fish. I will never forget him, a few days old, getting right up there to Mum so he could get his fill. Move over Bazza. Move over Falky. Gosh, I wonder where they are and how they are doing.

It was a nice sized fish as Ervie was still eating at 13:37. My best guess is that Ervie worked on that fish for more than an hour. Lovely.

It is a relief to see him on that nest! Thank you Port Lincoln for the great opportunity you have given us this season on the barge! And thank you for your streaming cam where I took my screen captures and your FB page.

I knew you would want to know that all is well with Ervie. Thank you so much for joining me. Take care. Stay warm, stay safe.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh thank you so very much Mary Ann for this great news on Ervie! Every time I got a chance yesterday I looked and the cam
    Was down. It is so good to know he was on the nest eating that big fish! I hope the other 2 are out there doing well also!
    Bazza and Falky will always be memories to cherish too. They both left all is a sudden and never seen again.
    Ervie did look wet and I hope he is fishing on his own too! It is so nice of Dad to still bring Ervie a fish too!
    Thanks again Mary Ann and have a great day!

    1. Yes, it makes one so nervous when the cams are down. They have seen Falky. Photos of him 350 km north of the barge. Solly went 400 km so I am certain that Falky has gone more if he decided not to stay where he was. No news on Bazza though. People really need to look hard to see the bands. Fingers crossed that one day we hear about him, too!

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