Late Tuesday in Bird World

My goodness. What a blizzard! I returned to Winnipeg 24 years ago and gosh, golly. I have not seen this much snow in all those years. Oh, we need it! Surely there will be no droughts this summer. My hair thanks me for getting out, too. The main roads were clear enough but it took 3 times the usual amount of time to get from one spot to another. Whew. Done for another two months! What really cheered me up was walking to the car and looking over and there was Mr Woodpecker on the new suet having a good old feed. The Starlings had not arrived and he had the place to himself along with Mr and Mrs Chickadee and Dyson and Little Red. The House Sparrows never bother the other little birds but I do believe some are intimidated by the Starlings. At any rate, he was enjoying the new suet. I keep saying ‘new’. I bought several slabs of suet and the birds would not touch it. Not for anything. So I went back to the brand sold by the nature centre and there he was this morning. I had just put it up yesterday. Yippeeee.

When I checked on Ervie earlier, there was an Osprey down on the barge floor in Dad’s nest/cave. I wondered if it was Ervie because it looked like the bird had a sat-pak. And guess what? It was Ervie down in Dad’s nest this morning! Here he is now down there with Dad still!

Ervie looks like he has a nice crop. I don’t know if it is the angle of the camera that is making that chest area look puffy or if he had a big fish for breakfast.

Dad does not seem to mind sharing his special place with Ervie.

Gosh, they look nice down there. The wind is really whipping around and I bet this is why both of them are down below.

If you are a fan of Thunder and Akecheta at the Channel Islands West End Bald Eagle nest, Thunder just laid her second egg.

I sure hope that Cheta can stay on that nest. He has already left egg 1 alone! Can you hear me screaming. I thought he would have learned. Admittedly, him and Thunder got their messages crossed last year. As the mod at the KNF nest says -“maybe the third time will be the charm”. I hope so.

Gary has posted another great educational video about the Redding Eagles and egg watch. He talks about 23 year old Liberty and her egg data since 2009. It is really good and will get you ready for what is to come!

Thinking of eggs arriving I decided to check the White-Bellied Sea Eagles nest and our dear Daisy is not on there and has not laid any eggs. Isn’t it wonderful?

I am not seeing any weather happening at the Berry College Bald Eagle cam yet. Baby is a little chilly and is wanting under Mum Missy and she is determined to aerate that nest! I was hoping that she was going to dig a deep cup for the eaglet to be in under her if their weather turns nasty. It looks from the recent tracking that the storm said to deliver 30 cm of snow or a foot could be heading north of them and east so will hit Duke Farms, Big Red, etc.

Anna continues to provide less feedings but much more food. Little eaglet was full to the brim and had trouble again with its big crop. It must be really tough to move around with a crop bigger than your head!

This baby is simply sweet. You can see how quickly its thermal down is coming in. That little head is still covered. The size of the cere I am finding interesting. This could well be a very large eagle… a nice big female!

If you are interested in other Bald Eagle streaming cams in Louisiana, Metro Aviation has one in Shreveport. The couple are visiting the nest frequently but have not yet laid eggs. There had been a nest but it was damaged and there is no historical data on these eagles. However, it is really nice to have such staggered egg laying so that we can enjoy the behaviour and the development of all the eaglets. Here is the link to their cam:

That is it for me today. The driving in the blizzard conditions was quite silly but, for one reasons or another, my stylist and I have not been able to connect since late October. I can even feel my neck now!!!!!! I hope everyone is well. Stay warm and stay safe. Thank you so very much for joining me and the birds. Keep all of the birds and animals in your warm thoughts so that this big snow storm does not harm them.

Thank you to the following streaming cams where I took my screen captures:, KNF Bald Eagles, Berry College Bald Eagles, Port Lincoln Osprey Project, and Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you again Mary Ann! I’m so glad all went well with your hair appointment and the roads were ok to travel. That was my main concern. I’m also so happy that Mr Woodpecker was there when you went out! And all the others as well and enjoying their breakfast! Isn’t it wonderful! I haven’t seen the little Munia birds with the speckled bellies in a few days. It seems there are now sparrows and finches of assorted colors at our feeders.
    I did check on Ervie this afternoon our time and saw him with Dad in the man cave like in your picture. So glad they were together during the heavy wind. I hope Mom was safe too!
    The little KNF eaglet is always filled to the brim. Lol. I guess they will announce a name chosen soon for the eaglet. Thanks for all the updates on the other nests. Congratulations to Thunder and her mate on their second egg. I do pray he will stay on the eggs this season 🙏 I felt so sorry for Thunder last season. I wonder what happened to Superman and if he was ever found?
    Have a good evening and good night. Prayers to all the birds there and here and everywhere 🙏. Linda

    1. As you know I did get out. Normally would not have risked it – slow and steady and not much traffic so it all worked. I was so glad to see it was Ervie down there with Dad. Did not know earlier. They look so cute together side by side. Ervie has really taken to being home. I wonder if he will be like Izzi? Yes, I hope for Thunders sake they keep their communication clear and strong. It would be fabulous to have some eaglets on that nest. And yes, prayers for anything – people, animals, birds – in the line of that storm. That is the kind of wind strength and the amounts we seem to have gotten. It is not nice! Esp if you are not really equipped for it. Warm wishes and prayers all around! — You are so welcome. It is always my pleasure. These birds bring us so much joy!

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