First egg at Achieva Osprey and other Bird World News

Jack and Diane are the Ospreys at the Achieva Credit Union Nest in St Petersburg, Florida. Off and on there have been other couples coming and going when they were not on the nest. This morning, however, that is all changing. Diane laid the first egg of the 2022 season around 23:40 on 1 February! Congratulations Achieva!

Diane, I really hope that you stop at two this year! Despite Tiny Tot Tumbles surviving and then thriving last year.

Jack brought Diane a nice fish this morning and took his turn incubating the egg so she could eat and have a bit of a break. Good one, Jack.

There is something going on at the NCTC nest. Where is Bella? Smitty was seen mating on the nest with the intruder female this morning! There she is on the right with the brown feathers in her tail. She is quite easy to identify. It was 08:06.

Deb Stecyk caught it on video:

Ervie likes it down in Dad’s cave. He is still there but Dad is gone!

Anna and Louis’s baby at the KNF nest is 21 days old today. If you look carefully you can see the shafts starting on the wing tips for the flight feathers. The thermal down is really coming in nicely.

Typically, this eaglet has a huge crop as it sits in front of Anna.

I have not seen the final three names for voting posted. Cody has been in Texas until today and I am assuming that him and Steve will meet, figure out the three that were mentioned most often, and then set up the final public voting.

It’s that stage. Thermal down and clown feet and looking like Hulk. White dandelions on the head.

The little eaglet – B15- at Berry College is getting its thermal down, too. It was caught preening this morning! Did you know that the pin or blood feathers will grow where the natal down shafts were? So the thermal down always remains under the feathers to help the beautiful eagles regulate their temperature.

It looks like the eagle nests I have been reporting on will, for the most part, not be impacted by the snow and ice that is coming in through Saturday. The Love Trio along the Mississippi near Fulton, Illinois, the eagles in PA, Big Red and Arthur’s nest and Duke Farms will likely get some precipitation.

This is the current view of the Mississippi Flyway.

The Pittsburg Hayes Bald Eagles are already dealing with some snow. It is egg watch at this gorgeous nest. That is Mum on the left. Dad is looking down to that beautiful river that supplies this couple with some of their food.

Here is the link to the Pittsburgh Hayes Nest. That nest is only 5 miles from downtown Pittsburg on the Monongahela River. Remember this couple raised three lively chicks to fledge last year! Incredible. This nest is looking for 3-6 inches or up to 15 cm of snow with an ice coating tomorrow.

You might not have this next nest on your radar. This is the information on the streaming cam about the region and the eagles. “The Dulles Greenway Wetlands has been home to two American Bald Eagles since 2005. In 1995, TRIP II established a private 149-acre wetlands preserve in Leesburg, Virginia during the construction of the Dulles Greenway roadway to mitigate the loss of roughly 64 acres of federally protected wetlands. Today, the wetlands property is managed by the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and utilized for local wildlife education.”

The first egg was laid at this nest yesterday, 1 February, at 14:47. The adults are currently changing over incubation duties.

Here is the link to this streaming cam. There is also an overhead cam that is off line at the moment. This couple will be seeing more snow and ice along with the nests in PA and NJ.

No worries for the nests in California. Akecheta is currently incubating the two eggs at the West End Bald Eagle Nest in the Channel Islands. Looks like a gorgeous day. The sky is blue in Winnipeg and the snow has stopped but it is bitterly cold. Oh, wish I could twitch my nose and arrive in California for a couple of days to thaw.

The first Kakapo chick has hatched. It was Pearl’s! And Pearl’s second chick is on the way. Here is the announcement from the Kakapo Recovery. Such good news. Hoping that all of the hatches survive and do well. This is so exciting!!!!!!!!! You are witnessing people working hard to recover a population of flightless parrots that could easily go extinct. Incredible the efforts that are being put into this. Makes me smile every day.

I wonder if Ervie will leave the Dad’s mancave today? Will monitor our beautiful boy. He is certainly settling in to a nice life on the barge! Who would have thought?

Thank you for joining me today. It is lovely to have you with me as I do a hop skip and jump around the nests. Take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or their FB pages where I took my screen captures: Kakapo Recovery, KNF Bald Eagles, Berry College Bald Eagles, Port Lincoln Osprey Project, Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam, NCTC Bald Eagles, Pix Cams,, Achieva Credit Union, and CNN.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks and I wish you could go take a caliper days or so to somewhere and thaw out! Thanks for all the updates here and so glad to have the links you sent too! The photos are great! It’s so good to get your updates and all of them be doing good! I’m so thankful for your update newsletters. Congratulations Jack and Diane on their first egg! 🐣 I hope for only 2 eggs also this season. Congratulations to the Pearl with the little cute kakapo! It looks adorable in the photo! 💕. Prayers for all the nest everywhere and that they don’t get 8mpacted by these storms coming through. 🙏
    Take care Mary Ann and I’ll be looking forward to later updates. Thank you!

    1. Linda Kontol says:

      Should be couple of days not caliper of days. Sorry Mary Ann. I didn’t catch the spell checker

      1. Dear Linda. Not a worry at all! I totally understand! There are times when I don’t get to proofread the newsletter and I know there are grammatical errors in there…so you do not worry. I knew precisely what you meant. You are so kind. M

    2. Linda, I have been so confused by Achieva. The other two intruders have been there, too. But it sure looks like Diane with that egg. Yes, only 2. Honestly, I know it is the third hatches that survive that I am keeping detailed records but it gnaws at your insides. I don’t think I will ever in my life forget what Tiny Tot Tumbles went through. She was determined to live and live she did. Bless her heart. So much going on. It is now going to be hard keeping track, Linda! Hoping they all do well.

  2. Mary Ann, thanks for another comprehensive update! There are so many active nests right now – it is indeed hard to keep up. I’ve had to create a chart of eagle couples, locations and eggs hatching. Looks like I’ll need to do another for the Ospreys! I appreciate so much your nest hopping reports. They are invaluable.

    Hope you’re staying safe and warm. Do take care!

    1. You are so welcome. It is my pleasure. Oh, when the Ospreys start it gets a bit crazy. Your charts are a great idea. I think I should do a binder. Betty I have always written down all the daily happenings in notebooks but trying to find hatch dates in all that can drive one mad. Last year I recorded every bite that the third hatch got at each feeding. So I am going to borrow your idea of charts and put them in a 3 ring binder with those tabs for each nest. Thank you!

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