Little Bit – Snatch and Grab

After watching the 18:00 feeding at the NE Florida Bald Eagle nest of Gabby and Samson, I don’t think we need to worry about Little Bit aka NE27. Both chicks are up by the adult and there is a fresh fish. I did a little over 2 minutes of recording. Little Bit is the eaglet in the back. Just watch him grab that fish! And look at that crop. This little eaglet has a whole new level of confidence.


Thank you for joining me this evening. All is well at this nest. The more confidence Little Bit gets the more he will not be intimidated by his big sibling. Take care!

Thank you to the NEFlorida Bald Eagle and the AEF for their streaming cam where I took my video clip.


  1. Wonderful! Look at him go!! Made me smile, Mary Ann. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh, that makes me so happy! That is precisely what it was meant to do, Betty. This little one is going to do great and Samson is a great Dad! 27 was still eating at the tail end of that fish and Samson made certain he got every morsel of fish.

      1. You said that right! It seems Little Bit is over the hump. Yippeeeeee.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! That makes me feel better and looks as if the little one is doing very well now and knows what and how to do to keep from getting bonked.
    Good evening and take care!

    1. Yes, i think we can relax! This little one has learned some valuable life skills! It is fantastic – and it is my pleasure to let you know!

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